Cece is just an ordinary girl. One day she is singing at the park, (she wants to be famous). When a cute boy named Harry talks to her. Harry falls for Cece... But so does Zayn! Who will win Cece's heart? (there is drama and suspence).


3. Almost Killed

Cece's POV

I woke up at 7:30. Crap! I left my ipod touch on the park bench! It was still dark... Maybe i could get it quick and come home. I got up and walked to the park. I began to head toward the bench. It was hard to see. 

"Hey baby."

I looked up. There was a scary looking man stanfing in front of me. I stood a little straighter.

"Hello," I replyed, trying not to be rude. I grabbed my ipod and began to walk away.

"Where you going baby?" 

"Please stop calling me that!"

He grabbed my arm.

"Let me go!"

"Shut up!" he whispered in my ear. Then he took out his pocket knife.

Zayn's POV

Me and the lads woke up at 7:00 (way to early for Harry!). Even though it was still dark out... We dicided to go to the park. As we walked we heard a female scream in terror and pain. We ran toward the scream. There was a man holding a girl down on the ground. He had a knife to her neck, and she was already bleeding badly.

"LET HER GO!" I screamed and ran toward the man. He stood up and tried to fight me. Louis and Niall quickly jumped in. "CECE!" I heard Harry sceam. He ran to her and held her. "It's going to be okay Cece, I promise!" He said to her. I could hear Liam talking to the police as me, Louis, and Niall held the man down. Cece breathed hard, as if she had been running. The bleeding wasn't stopping. Then she just fanted... Right there in Harry's arms Harry was in tears. 

Harry's POV

Cece... Was stabbed. She didn't stop bleeding. I held her in my arms... And she fanted. What if we weren't here, at the park?!?! He would've cut her neck open, then she would have no chance at all! I heard the sirens of the police car and rhe ambulance. They were taking him to jail. Good, I hope he dies there!the ambulance took Cece to the hospital. As the men loaded her in 

the ambulance I cried and said to them " Please don't let her die! Please!" Then me and the lads drove to the hosptal.

"It will be okay Harry. She'll be fine, don't worry." Louis said to me. It just made me cry even harder.






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