1D Imagines

This is just for One Direction imagines I have wrote! Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis will be in here and I either post personal or [Y/N]!! Hope you like them!!


4. Niall Imagine

"No you better not win!" I hear my best friend Niall scream at me. "To bad Horan I'm winning anyways!" I yell back to him. When the game was finished it says I won. "Haha what did I tell you?" I yell back to him. "Whatever Ethan," he says while laughing. I laugh and playfully slap him. "Oh it's on Ethan!" he says while tackling me to the ground. He tickles me. I laugh so hard until I snorted. "Oh my gosh I just snorted!" I say while laughing in between each word. He laughs even harder. "Please stop.. I can't breathe!" I say while laughing even harder. Niall let's out a cute giggle and gets up from me. He puts out his hand and I grab it to help myself up. We set there in silence then he said "How would I tell a girl I like?" I sat there and thought "I think it is best if they just say it with confindence," I say while staring into his baby blue eyes. "Ok. Ethan I'm madly in love with you ever since the day we met. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Ethan will you please be my girlfriend?" he asks. I'm in shock and spit out "Yes Niall I would love to!" He smiles and pulls me into a passionate kiss. When we pull apart he says "I love you Ethan." "I love you to Niall." we lean in and kiss again. I pull him away and I sit into his lap and play with his hair for hours while he hums songs to me.

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