1D Imagines

This is just for One Direction imagines I have wrote! Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis will be in here and I either post personal or [Y/N]!! Hope you like them!!


2. Niall Imagine

"Mum I'm going for a walk!" you shout to her. "Ok just be home before dark," she yelled back. You walk out the door and let the cool summer air hit your face. You began to walk and you find a park with a bench and sit on it. You sat there for a while until you saw somebody walk over to you and sit down. "Lovely night isn't it?" he asked with a cute accent. "Yea it is," you reply back. "His voice sounds familiar," you thought you said to yourself but said it aloud. He sighed and asked "Whatever you do you can't freak out on me. Promise?" "Promise," you say back wondering who it is. He took off his hat and you saw blonde hair. He took of his glasses and baby blue eyes stared back into yours. You smile and whisper "You're Niall Horan!" He smiled and said "Yeah." You guys sat in silence until he said "What's your name love?" "[Y/N]," you said with a smile. "Pretty name for a prettier girl," he said. You blushed and smiled and said "Thank you." He takes out his phone and says "Oh I gotta go nice to meet you but before you go can exchange numbers?" "Sure," you say while putting you number into his phone. Then he does the same thing. You walk off and you began to text him all night.

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