1D Imagines

This is just for One Direction imagines I have wrote! Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis will be in here and I either post personal or [Y/N]!! Hope you like them!!


3. Liam Imagine

"Victoria please get dressed up. I want to take you somewhere!" I hear my boyfriend Liam of 4 years yell. "Um ok. Just give me an hour," I say back to him. I look into my closet and pull out the cutest dress ever. It is short and pink with a black belt to go with it. I also pull out my pink pumps that I bought to go with them. I put that one and walk to the mirror. I just put on blush, and lip gloss. I put my hair up in a high ponytail and curl it. I take one more glance in the mirror smile and walk downstairs. I make it to the last step and Liam smiles at me. "You look nice babe," he says while putting his arm around me and kisses me. I smile and we walk to the car. He opens the door for me like a true gentleman. He gets in the car and we start to drive away. We pull up to a fancy restraunt after a 10 minute drive. We walk in and I notice that he rented out the whole place. "Liam you didn't have to do this," I say with a gasp in my voice. "No you deserve it," he says with a smile. We walk out to a beautiful deck that is looking over the river. I gasp in amazement. He smiles and we sit down and have a toast. "So why did you do all of this?" I ask while looking into his big brown eyes. "You'll see in a minute," he says with a big smile on his face. I smile and see a tray come our way. I looked at him confused. When they sat the tray down I couldn't believe my eyes. On the tray was a cake that had chocolate frosting. Written in the chocolate frosting was "Will you marry me Victoria?" I look down and see Liam on one knee. I stand there with tears going down my face. "Y-y-yes Liam!" I manage to say. He smiles and puts the beautiful ring over my left ring finger. We both smile at the same time and he pulls me into a passionate kiss.

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