1D Imagines

This is just for One Direction imagines I have wrote! Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis will be in here and I either post personal or [Y/N]!! Hope you like them!!


5. Josh Imagine

Your parents had bought you One Direction tickets and you were so excited. The day finally came! Your mom drove you to the concert and stayed with you. You pushed your way to your seats and sat down. When you looked at the stage it had "One Direction" written in huge letters. You looked over at the drum set. You smiled and was more excited then ever. The only reason you really liked this band was cause you were in love with the drummer Josh Devine. You heard the drums start to play and you began to record. Every time you looked at him he would look at you and send you the cutest smile ever. You would look down and blush and smile. After the concert was over your mom had surprised you with backstage passes. You smiled and ran towards backstage. You took pictures with all of them and chatted for a little bit. "Where's Josh?" you asked Niall since he was the close to him. "Over there," he said while pointing in his direction. You smiled and walked over there. "Hey Josh my name is [Y/N] and I like you the most!" you said. "Thanks love. Nice name too!" he said. "Thanks," you said while blushing. "Do you mind if I get a picture with you?" you asked while holding out your phone. "Sure love!" he said. You guys took some pictures then he asked "[Y/N] would you mind giving me your number? So we could hang out more?" You smiled and said "Sure!" he smiled and you guys switched numbers and hugged. You just walked to your car when you got a text from him. You smile and replied right away. You guys texted non stop!

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