1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


4. Notes *Harry*

You and Harry have been dating for three years now and you guys have become each others best friends.  One day Harry texted you saying "Hey honey dress up fancy and meet me in the lobby. Don't ask why just do it. Xx-Harry." You did what he said and you took the elevator to the lobby. When you were in the lobby, Liam gave you a note and it read "Hey babe, do you remember our first date?" When you were done Liam said "Where to (Y/N)?" You told Liam to take you to Nandos. When you got out of the car, you saw Niall and he gave you another note. It read "Hey (Y/N) do you remember our first kiss?" After reading it. you hopped back in the car and told Liam to take you to the beach. When you got there you saw someone sitting by a bonfire so you walked over there. When the bot turned around, you saw that it was Harry, your boyfriend. As he saw you, he signaled to someone and then all the boys popped out and they started to hum a tune. As you looked back at Harry, he was down on one knee and said "(Y/N) we have been together for an amazing three years and I couldn't have wished to share them with anyone else. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?" As you heard Harry say those words, tears started to build up in your eyes and said "Yes. Yes Harry I will." And he got up and put the ring on your finger and gave you a passionate kiss.

~~~~~~~ 4 months later ~~~~~~~


You and Harry got married at a church and you went to Fiji for your honeymoon. While you were there, Harry said he wants to have a family with you. And you two have three children. Two girls named Darcy and Bella, and one boy named James.

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