1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


3. New Beginning *Liam*

You and Liam have been dating for a good year and today was your anniversary of your guys' first date. You had just got out of work and you get a text from Liam. It read "(Y/N), I cant wait til tonight." You didn't know what to say, so you put your phone in your purse and drove home. When you went to unlock the door, you found a note on it. It read "Hey babe, dress up fancy and meet me in the park." You did as the note said and went to put on your favorite purple dress with black heels. When you got done with your hair and make-up, you got in your car and drove to the park. By time you got there it was dark and you couldn't see anything. You started to walk when you felt arms snake around you. you screamed and you heard a voice laugh. You could tell who it was just by his voice. It was Liam. "Its just me babe." He said. You turned around to face him and said "Liam you scared me. Now why did you have me dress up?" He looked at you, then just started walking you towards a table with lit candles and a romantic dinner. "Happy anniversary (y/n)." He said. you kissed your boyfriend and you guys decided to eat your dinner. After dinner he gives a signal for someone to come out. You turn around to see that Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall were hiding and they started to hum. You turned back to Liam and he was on one knee. "(Y/N), I have had an amazing year with you and I don't want to lose you. Will you marry me?" You had tears in your eyes as you said "Yes!" He put the ring on your finger and gave you a passionate kiss, while the boys are cheering for you guys.

~~~~~~~ 7 months later~~~~~~

You and Liam got married and moved into a new flat, and had a family together.

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