1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


8. imagine for BieberFever1DInfection

You had just turned 19 and your parents got you One Direction tickets for their concert and backstage passes. You loved 1D but you had a sweet spot for Louis. The concert was in an hour and you just got done with your hair. You put your brown hair with blonde tips into a high ponytail. You took out your superman tank top and your blue and red shorts, and you matched them with white toms. You got dressed, put a little mascara on and headed out to the concert. When your got there, the line was long and you had to wait for your turn to get in.

*2 hours later*

2 hours had passed and finally it was your turn to go backstage to meet the boys. You showed the guard your pass and let your in. He said you had five minutes to chat. All the boys introduced themselves and you introduced yourself. "Hi guys im Mia. Can i have a picture with you guys?" You asked. They said yes but Louis was sitting on the couch that was in the room. "Hey Lou get your big butt over here and get into the picture." Harry yelled to him. He didn't even look up, he just grunted and didn't move. "Its fine if he doesn't want to move." You say nicely. The boys wanted to protest but ended up taking the picture without Louis. You thanked the boys and walked over to Louis. He was on his phone but you said hi anyway. "Hi Louis im Mia." He didn't even look up, he just kept his eyes on his phone. "Hi Louis i know your busy but can you sign my shirt?" You asked sweetly and nervously. He looked up at you and grabbed the marker out of your hand, signing your shirt and throwing the marker at you. "There now leave me alone!" He said rudely. You got up with tears in your eyes and the boys came over to you, reassuring you the he was just upset. "Its ok i understand he is in a bad mood but he didn't have to throw the marker at me." You say walking out so they can start the concert.

*at the end of the concert*

"Ok guys we have someone who has to say something to someone he was rude too." Harry said to Louis. Louis bent down and asked Paul something. You saw Paul walking in your direction and he said "Sorry miss but will you come with me." You nodded your head and was lifted on stage. Louis looked at the crowd and said "Everyone this is Mia. I met her backstage and i did something rude. I just wanted to say that im sorry Mia. I didn't mean to do that. Will you forgive me?" You looked at him with hard eyes but you relaxed and said "Sure." The crowd cheered and he hugged you. As your were gonna jump off stage, Harry stopped you and said "When everyone is gone, come to our dressing rooms. I will tell Paul you are coming." You nodded and went back to your seat. They answered some twitter questions and then they ran off stage. You waited 'til everyone was gone, then you walked to their dressing room. Paul let you through and you saw everyone in there except Louis. "hi" You said shyly. They all left and Louis came out of the closet. "Umm why am i here?" You asked. "Im sorry i was rude to you." Louis said. "Yah i know you already said so on stage." You replied. He looked down and looked back up to you. "Yah i know i did but i really mean it. I saw how you didn't except my apology, but i truly am sorry. I shouldn't have thrown that marker at you." "No you shouldn't have Louis. You were the one out of the other boys that i admire the most. You're sassy, mischievous and funny." You said with your head down. You looked up at him and hugged him. You didn't want to let go but you had to. "I really am sorry Mia. Let me make it up to you." "ok." You said. You gave him your number and his to you, and with that you left.

*1 month later*

You and Louis became best friends and he invited you to live with them. You said yes and you and Lou pulled pranks on the boys all the time. You guys became inseparable and no one will change that.


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