1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


6. imagine for AshMalik2016

You and Harry have been best friends ever since you were two. It was the last period of school. You were in math and Harry had gym. As you were dazing off, the bell rang and you shot out of your seat and ran to your locker. You grabbed everything you needed and bolted out of school. You ran down the street and into the park. When you guys were little you found this place past the park and you made a pact to always come here after school. When you got there you didn't see Harry, so you put your bag down on the ground and waited. You waited for twenty minutes, thinking he should have been here by now. You checked you phone and see you have a message from a minute ago. You checked it and it was from Harry. It read "Hey Ash, im sorry but i cant come today. I have erm something to do. Im really sorry." As you read it, you got tears in your eyes because Harry promised to always come no matter what. You got up off the ground and walked home sadly. As you walked in the house, you went to the kitchen to get a snack and saw there was a note on the table. It read "Hey Ashlee im sorry for breaking our pact but..... just walk out to the patio. Xx Harry." You set the note down and walked to the patio. You saw a table with candles on it and you didn't see anyone. All of a sudden you felt two arms wrap around you. You yelped and turned around and saw it was Harry. "HARRY! You scared me." You say playfully slapping him on the arm. He pretends like it hurt and says "Sorry Ash, and look im sorry for blowing you off but i had something else planned." You looked down at the ground and said "Ok. I understand," and started to walk away. He grabs you arm to stop you. "Hey where are you going?" "Well obviously you are on a date, so im just gonna....go." You say but he just looks at you and walks you over to the table. "Ashlee i didn't come to our spot because i was planning this. Im not on a date but i hope she will forgive me." He said looking into your eyes. You were gonna say something when Harry spoke again. "I did this for you Ashlee. I have grown feelings for you and i dont know if you feel the same but i had to try." He rambled on but you cut him off by kissing him on the lips. "Harry i like you too, i just didn't want to ruin our friendship if you didn't feel the same." You say with a smile. He just smiled at you and kissed your lips. He pulled away asking you "So Ashlee will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked nervously. You smiled at him and said "Yes Harry." He picked you up and twirled you around. He put you down and you guys ate the dinner Harry had prepared for the night.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT ASHLEE!!!!!!!!! -Lily Mae

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