1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


9. imagine for <3 Niall Is My Superman<3

Tonight you were turning 18 and in London that is the age limit to drink, so your friends are taking you to a club. Your friends also bought you clothes to wear and it consisted of a black bra like shirt and black tights with studded heels. You brushed your straight hair and put a little mascara on with shadow eye shadow. Then you got dressed and your friends took you to a VIP club. When you got in you went to the bar and your friends ordered you a shot. While you were waiting for your shot, you looked around the club and saw a cute blonde staring at you. You smirked and took your shot. You went on the dance floor and started dancing with your friends. After a while you got bored and told your friends you were going back to the bar. You sat on the stool and you heard "Would you like a drink?" A very thick Irish accent said. You turned around and said "Sure, a coke please." The mysterious guy ordered you and him, both, cokes. "So i haven't seen you here before. What's your name love?" The guy said. "Casey. And yours?" You asked back. "Niall." You shook his hand and you guys chatted for a while. "Well Niall it was a pleasure to meet you, nut i need to bring my friends home. It was my birthday and i didn't even get drunk. haha." You said. He laughed and gave you a piece of paper. "Here if you wanna hang out with me, give me a call. I really liked chatting with you love." He said. You blushed and proceeded to get your friends into the car.  

*2 months later*

You and Niall have become best friends. He even invited you to go on tour with them. You happily said yes and Niall asked you out in the middle of one of their concerts. You said yes and your relationship has gotten stronger.


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