kirry: kisses and tears

kiersten has a crazy life she lost her parents in a shooting when she was five she has a sister who she loves and witch has to take of. and has just got a new apartment in London, U.k and well ended up falling in love.........


2. who knew

harry"s p.o.v

me and the lads went to my flat we were in dead silence when Nial said who was she i had no idea and neither did any one else Louis being him self said well the girl fancy's harry doesn't she Harry i looked him and gave him a long stare what do you mean she fancy's me Louis.You know what i mean she handed you a note so come on mate you know what that means Louis replied  i don't know do i said sarcastically I got to go call one of my friends i promised them i would ok.

kiesten"s p.o.v 

my phone started to ring i didnt know the number but i answered any way. hello this is harry the one from the park this morning oh its you i answered yep its me i heard on the other end well i have i a question are you harry as in harry styles from one direction? i asked yes yes um miss can i please have your name harry asked sweetly. Well i guess i sorta tease my name is kiersten well Kiersten i heard why don we meet in person face to face some time.that sounds nice really nice how about hmm-mm Saturday at the local park at 3, Ok  harry said well i have to go bye .  I got off the phone i cant believe it i have  date with one of the most famous boy bands but wait what about my sister Kalli what bout her ugh i dont know what to do with her.  



A/n well you guys that is all for now comment and love 

@ kiersten

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