kirry: kisses and tears

kiersten has a crazy life she lost her parents in a shooting when she was five she has a sister who she loves and witch has to take of. and has just got a new apartment in London, U.k and well ended up falling in love.........


4. pick up

Kiersten''s p.o.v 

We talked for awhile harry is a great guy.I checked my phone and it was 5:30 gosh I need to pick up kallie I look up at harry and told him I had to go , but I rally didnt want to. Don't go I want you to stay harry pouted but I have to to harry I say.why harry asked because I have to pick up my baby sister and I promised her I would take her out for ice cream I answered. Can I come please  i wanna meet your sister harry asked excited.OK you can come she will love you I told him.

Harry's p.o.v 

We were talking for awhile and she is a pretty awesome girl. Then sahe checked her phone and gasped I was about to ask what was wrong but then she told me she had to go. I didn't want her to go so I pouted and told her I didn't want her to go I wanted her to stay she said she had to I asked her why. She said she had to pick up her baby sister and promised to they would go out for ice cream so I asked her if I could come with and meet her sister I asked a little to excited but to my surprise she said yes. So now I am in her car about to pick up her sister!! :)



Sorry my chapters are short I promise I will make them longer and I will update later thx lots hope ya like it  :) 

From the one and only author of this book,

Kiersten <3 

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