kirry: kisses and tears

kiersten has a crazy life she lost her parents in a shooting when she was five she has a sister who she loves and witch has to take of. and has just got a new apartment in London, U.k and well ended up falling in love.........


3. my heart

Kiersten's p.o.v 

My gosh kallie come on we have to go 

But kk I don't want to go to the daycare its so icky and the kids are mean kallie whines. Kallie we don't have time for this I tell her and it will only be for a little while I promise and I will take you out for ice cream later my word.  But we need to go now fine kallie said frustrated. I dropped off kallie of at daycare and head to my apartment I share with kallie I go in my room and change into a white T-shirt and red skinny jeans wearing toms and put my hair into a messy bun and ran out the door. I look at my phone I was 5 minutes late crap I mutter I hurried as fast as I could and saw harry. Harry freaking styles!  I walked  up to him and he looked at me and said well look who is here.

Harry's p.o.v 

I was waiting for 5 minutes and I was wondering if she was going to show me down but then all of a sudden a girl comes up and then I remember who she was it was the girl from the park I said look who is here and she replays with a giggle wow she is so cute when she giggles  actually think she is cute in general wow I am falling for her. I looked up to see Kiersten looking over at ,e and asking me if I was OK I looked up at her and blushed and told her I was alright but then something I didn't expect happened 


How do you guys like it sorry I haven't updated in a while I mean I was read some really great movellas I will update more tomorrow 

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