kirry: kisses and tears

kiersten has a crazy life she lost her parents in a shooting when she was five she has a sister who she loves and witch has to take of. and has just got a new apartment in London, U.k and well ended up falling in love.........


1. are begining


i was walking to my car when i realize some one i didn't know following me i started to run to my car but the guy chased me he cornered me and pulled out a gun i tryed screaming as loud as i could.

Harry p.o.v 

i was just walking to the park with lads when we heard screaming we started to run over to see what was the problem when i saw a guy cornering a girl with a gun.I didn't think my plan through before i put my plan in action i tackled the guy and he feel louis grabbed the girl and took her were the guy wasn't the cops showed up and arrested him. the girls comes up to me and says thanks for saving me but it was really nothing next thing i knew i got a piece of paper with a phone number and a name and she was gone.

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