Forever And Always

Brookelyn is your typical teenager. She loves one direction. Harry Styles to be exact.What happens when she bumps into this certain someone? Will there be love? You will find out in Forever And Always! P.S. I will try to update every day and i hope you enjoy my first story!


10. The Date



Brooke's POV


During the car ride Harry told me that I would love the place he is taking me to.

when we finally got to the place my mouth dropped!😧 We were at Six Flags!

" OMG! Thank you so much. You are the best boyfriend ever." I tell him, planting  a kiss on his cheek. "You're welcome. And you're the best girlfriend ever!" He tells me back. Giving me a kiss on my forehead with his arm wrapped around me. There were so many rides to choose from. In the end the first ride we went on was a looped rollercoaster. "Thx again." I tell Harry .

"You're welcome again."Harry said," but it is not over yet.".  O my gosh this guy is the best guy ever.

a/n : sorry this is kinda short. I couldn't think of anything else except for the next part of the date. Read the next chapter to see the second part of the date 

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