Forever And Always

Brookelyn is your typical teenager. She loves one direction. Harry Styles to be exact.What happens when she bumps into this certain someone? Will there be love? You will find out in Forever And Always! P.S. I will try to update every day and i hope you enjoy my first story!


11. Part 2I

A/n she was not dressed right so they went to the gift shop to by some


Brooke's POV


Now it is time for my second part of my date. He puts a bandana from the gift shop on my face and brings me toward the car. It was about a 15 minute drive and I was so. Anxious to know what is the second part of our date. I got out f the car and we were by a waterfall in the nighttime. He bent down on one knee.... "I hope he doesn't ask to marry me I just met him." I thought. These words escape his mouth," Brooke I know what your are thinking, that I am going to propose to you but I think it is too soon to do that. Put I want to give you this promise ring. I promise to always  keep you safe,to love you until it is the end, and show I care for you. So Brooklyn Rose Smith do you accept this ring?" He asked me " yes Harry Edward styles!" I replied back. Then we go back in the car and drove to a fancy restaurant. For our first meal we shared a platter of fish and chips, then for our own meals I had a ceaser salad my favorite and Harry had steak. For our dessert we shared a chocolate volcano cake. It was an amazing night.

 " Harry thank you for an amazing night." I tell him as he drops me off.

" No problem Brooke." He says. I love this guy to much. We kissed goodnight and I went into my house.


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