Forever And Always

Brookelyn is your typical teenager. She loves one direction. Harry Styles to be exact.What happens when she bumps into this certain someone? Will there be love? You will find out in Forever And Always! P.S. I will try to update every day and i hope you enjoy my first story!


4. Flat and Truth or dare


Brooke's POv

          We were at their flat. I can tell Harry was flirting with me and he could tell I was flirting with him. WHO EVEN CARES? NOT ME!

        "HEY GUYS WANNA PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled!

         "Sure!" We all yelled back.

       "Okay ladies first" Harry said.

       " Truth or dare." Harry said

"Truth." I replied I'm  not taking any crazy risks tonight.

          "Do you like me?' Harry asked me. OMG i was so embarrassed.

"Yes" i confessed. Harry then did a happy dance. Akward Much? OMG that means he likes me!!!!!!!! Now I did my happy dance but in my head. Then I screamed yes so loud.


Harry's POV


    When she said yes i couldn't help it i did my happy dance. Everyone was staring at me . Then she screamed yes so loudly that everyone had to hold there ears. I just couldn't hold it I ran to her picked her up spun her around and kissed her. Not on the cheek, but her lips. After 5 seconds she kissed me back. This was the best night ever! I didnt want this to end.

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