Forever And Always

Brookelyn is your typical teenager. She loves one direction. Harry Styles to be exact.What happens when she bumps into this certain someone? Will there be love? You will find out in Forever And Always! P.S. I will try to update every day and i hope you enjoy my first story!


7. Date

Brooke's P.O.V.

    I can't believe I'm going on a date with Harry. He is just soooo cute. I have 3 hours so I should start to get ready. I went to my closet and looked through my dresses and found a really cute floral dress. I slipped it on and matched it with some flats, then I went to the bathroom to curl my hair and apply my make up. Once I was done it was 6:45, I was impressed with my look, I could never get my self to look this nice usually. Harry should be here any minute.

 "Ding dong" I went to the door and Harry was there with his cheeky, irresistible smile. 

   "Hey Brooke, you look beautiful" Harry said

    "You too Styles"  I said with a smirk. Harry led me to his Black car.

    "Where are we going Harry?" 

    "It's a surprise Brooke" he replied

    "Okay" Harry turned up the radio and Lego House came on, we sang together and it sounded perfect. He was just perfect. 

    "We are here." Harry said. We were at the Cheesecake Factory, my favorite! When we got in Harry handed me the menu and we ordered. We talked th whole night and got to know A LOT about each other he was sooo adorable. Harry pulled up to my house.

    "Bye Harry, tonight was perfect, thank you." I said 

     "No problem, and Brooke can I ask you something?" 

      "Sure." I replied 

      "Brookelyn Rose Smith, will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked

     "Of course." I said and I kissed him and walked into my house and watched Harry drive away


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