Forever And Always

Brookelyn is your typical teenager. She loves one direction. Harry Styles to be exact.What happens when she bumps into this certain someone? Will there be love? You will find out in Forever And Always! P.S. I will try to update every day and i hope you enjoy my first story!


9. Another Date


Brooke's POV


That was the best date I have ever had! I want to relive the moments again. The questions were pretty basic like about each others life and family.

PHONE CALL............

"I had a great time last night! " I tell Harry on the phone.

" Do you want to go on another date tonight?" Harry asked

"it doesn't matter to me." I tell him.

"it is a date then, tonight at 7.Bye." he says. " ok  bye." I say back.


It is almost time for our date. I straighten my hair leaving little curls at the end, my dress was a light brown dress with a small belt in the middle, I wore my browns toms. Then I applied my make up. Baby pink lipstick topped with lipgloss, a very small amount of blush,eyeliner,and mascara. 


   About fifteen minutes past and Harry picked my up from my house. He said we would have a lot of fun. I'm excited!


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