Lost In My Memorie

What if you love somebody for so long but they have forgotten you? and when destiny brings you back together would you do anything to get that love back... and make that person remember? That's the story of Harry Styles and Avalon Halemore... After Avalon's boyfriend was murdered she was the first suspect.... her parent put her on a reformed school, where she later meets Harry. She feel like if she knows him, but she cant seem to remember where they have met before. Would Harry be able to keep the secret? or would he risk it all for telling her the truth?...
A/N: This is my first movella so don't be afraid of telling me what you think about it, is it bad or is it good, just tell me. This story is written by myself, Valerie, and my dear friend Izabelle... hope you enjoy it :)


11. Chapter 9


Here is the update :D I took a long time writing it and honestly this is my favorite Chapter yet x3 Hope you guys like it...


Harry’s pov:

“Why did you and Jason got in the fight at the club that night in the first place?” she said looking at me in the eyes even though the room was dark… what am I going to tell her? You…we were talking about you because you got on a car accident where your dad died and u lost your memories and you left forgetting I was your boyfriend… C’mon, if I tell her that she would think I’m crazy. She wouldn’t believe me. I have to give her an answer… fast… Should I tell her?

“He insulted a person I loved with all my heart and I couldn’t let him get away with it very easily…” and I was saying the truth, for once I didn’t lie to her about the subject and it felt good. I wonder when I would be able to tell her everything, and how I would be able to tell her without messing things up… “ plus the alcohol took a big roll in the situation…” I finish my sentence with small sight. I gave her a small kiss on the forehead, preventing myself from kissing her soft lips, cause I remember she wanted to stay just friends for now… yup I’ve been temporally friendzoned… but I’m not giving up on you Ava… not yet. I turn around to leave once again but I felt her pull me by my t-shirt on more time…

“Can you stay a little longer?” she whispered, she sounded a like a little girl asking her daddy to not go to work…

“Sure” I said I saw her pat the spot beside her on her Quinn size bed. I follow her order and lay next to her… no cuddling, just laying there next to each other, enjoying each others company…

“Harry?” she whispered again


“Tell me about your family?” she said… I was surprised to realized that we have talked about everything except for our families…

“My dad… he left when I was just a baby, I don’t know where he is…“ I said she looked at me with concerned

“What about your mom?”

“S-she… died of Cancer a year ago…” I looked at her… the tears almost falling out of my eyes, but I hold them back. I remembered my mom and Ava had a very good relationship… she use to say Avalon was the right one, and I remembered that when she said that I felt happy and relieve. My mom was told she had Cancer a month after Ava left… The single light coming form the moonlight through the window made her brown eyes sparkle in the lack of light… “I live on my own… the only one who cares about me is my mother’s friend…” I didn’t mention the fact that my mother’s friend was Stephanie, Ava’s aunty… before my mom pass away, she said that if something happened to her she wanted Stephanie to take care of me, and that what she did…

“I’m sorry about that, Harry…” she whispered

“Is okay…” I said a single tear falling from my eye… I quickly wipe it away without her noticing… “Why don’t you tell me about your family?”

“Well I live with my mom and my step dad… I’m only child, but I don’t remember much about my childhood…” when she said that I was paralyzed… did she know about the accident and her having amnesia back then? Did she remembered when I kissed just right after she woke up and she pushed me away? Does she know about her dad? Many question ran trough my mind…

“Why?” I ask wondering what her answer would be…

“I actually don’t know… Is like if I had started living when I was 16 because I don’t remember much of my life before I was 16... Is kind of weird isn’t it?” ‘no, is not really that weird. Knowing your mom, she probably told you lies about your own life’ I thought to my self. I looked at clock to see it was already 11:00pm. I got up from the bed and I walked up to Ava’s side.

“Is late Ava. You should better go to sleep…”

“Oh who cares? Is Friday so that means there is no class tomorrow… so why sleep?” she said giggling

“Cause you need energy for your big speech…”

“What speech?”

“Your ‘I sorry’ speech for Mars…” I said leaning down and kissing her forehead

“oh yhea…” she whispered loud enough for me to hear.. she sounded quite nervous “What if she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

“You and I both know she wouldn’t would be willing to hear you say ‘I’m sorry’” I laugh and started walking out the door. I turned around to look at her laying on the bed… “Sweet dreams love…”

“Sweet dreams Haz” she smiled at me… and with that I closed the door behind me and started walking up to my room thinking of what Ava told me. I got to my room and slowly walked up to my bed. I got down on my knees and looked down trying to find the big box that was supposed to be hiding under my bed. I pull it out of its hiding spot and slowly open it to find pictures, notes, letters, and the small silver box I was looking for. I opened the box to find a gold charm bracelet… I took it in my hand a looked at it…

-Flash Back-

Today was her birthday and I plan to make it very special. I was standing out her door with the small silver box with her birthday present in my hand. I’ve liked her for a couple of months now and I was planning on telling her today… I was standing outside her door, the small silver box in my hand. I knocked on her door waiting for an answer. After a couple of seconds the door opened and Ava’s Dad stood there…

“Oh hey Harry…” Mr. Halemore said with a smile on his face…

“Nice to see you again sir…” I said…

“Call me John… Now come in son…” he said still smiling at me while I entered the house.

“Avalon, Harry’s here…” John call

“Coming” we heard from the room at the top of the stairs. After a couple of minutes talking to John about football we heard a door opened and we saw Avalon walking out her door and down the stairs in a beautiful blue summer dress, her hair was styled to the side making it fall perfectly on her right shoulder. I froze in the spot and I knew I was looking but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I felt Johns eyes on me and I knew he noticed how stunned I was, but I didn’t care, I was to bewitched to take my eyes off of her. Once she got at the bottom of the stairs she gave John a hug and walked out the door witch was already opened. I felt John pat my back and got closer to tell me something.

“You love her, I can see it in your eyes. Do what you have to do… and take good care of my little girl would ya?” he whisper in my ear

“I will…” I nodded

“You’re a good guy, Harry… and I know you’ll be good for her. Now go…” he walked me out the door where Ava was waiting and I said goodbye to John…

“What was that all about?” She said giving me a confused look

“Nothing you need to worry about…” I said with a small smile on my face… “Now… I need you to turn around…”

“Why?” she ask

“Just do what I say” she slowly turned around and I took the small scarf out of my pocket and blind folded her

“What are you doing Styles?”

“chtssss” I took her hand and guided her. After a couple of minutes she almost fell but I catch her before she even touch the ground

“Hey, easy there love…” I said and I put my hand on her waist pushing her forward and preventing her from falling. I whispered the directions in her ear until we reached our destination “Ok we are here…” I took her blind fold off and she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around the small park stunned. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the small picnic under a tree with beautiful red flowers that was in the middle of the park.

“Is that for us?” she said still shocked

“Yup” I laugh and walk over to sit on the big blanket laying on the floor

“Harry, you are unbelievable…” she said sitting next to me and resting her back an the tree

“Their’s still one more thing…” I said taking the silver box out of my pocket “Happy Birthday Ava” I smiled at her. She opened the box to find the gold charm bracelet I bought for her… every charm was everything I knew she liked. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes that I have never seen before.

“H-Harry is ….. Beautiful!!” she said looking at the bracelet as I help her to put it on. She looked at it for a couple of minutes in amazed until I finally decided it was my chance… my chance to tell her how I felt

“A-ava?” I said nervously

“Mhh?” she looked up at me with the sparkle still there in her beautiful brow orbs

“I need to tell you something…” she nodded for me to continue , so I decided to let it all out “…. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a couple of months now and I think this is the right moment to tell you… is just that… A while ago I started feeling something and I wanted to ignore it but have come to the point were I cant get it out of my mind…. I cant get.. You out of my mind and I really like you and everyday that pass I fall more in love with you…” I stopped for a moment… Did I just said I’m in Love with her?! She looked at me shocked and I got afraid of what she will say next… but she didn’t say anything…. “Please say something?”

“H-Harry I-I…” She is going to shut me down… I know it… I looked down trying to hide myself. She put her small hand on my chin to make me looked back at her “I… like you too Harry…” she said. I felt overjoyed… I felt like the weight of the world fell of my shoulders and everything was so much better. My smile grew wider and I decided to lean in. Our foreheads touched and our lips were inches apart. She didn’t pull back so I took it as I sign to keep going. Our lips touched on a small kiss and I felt butterflies… I needed more… more of her soft pink lips. I pressed my lips harder into hers making the kiss more passionate. She return the kiss making me smile into her lips. She put her arms around my neck dragging me closer. One of my hands rested on her hips and the other one playing with her hair. Once we pulled back we had the biggest smiles on our face and when she opened her eyes the sparkle that I saw before was shining even brighter.

“Ava?” I got butterflies on my stomach again “Would you be my girlfriend?” she stayed silent for a moment “Yes..” and that answer I got another long passionate kiss.

-End Of Flash Back-

That day was one of the happiest day of my life. I remembered when John found out we were together he pulled me into a hug and was congratulating me while Ava just laugh at his happiness. The bracelet… she wore it everyday until the day of the accident. Stephanie found it in the silver box when she was helping packing Ava’s stuff, then I was just sitting in my room crying my broken heart out. I regret not even saying goodbye to her, not going after her…. I regret letting her go….

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