Lost In My Memorie

What if you love somebody for so long but they have forgotten you? and when destiny brings you back together would you do anything to get that love back... and make that person remember? That's the story of Harry Styles and Avalon Halemore... After Avalon's boyfriend was murdered she was the first suspect.... her parent put her on a reformed school, where she later meets Harry. She feel like if she knows him, but she cant seem to remember where they have met before. Would Harry be able to keep the secret? or would he risk it all for telling her the truth?...
A/N: This is my first movella so don't be afraid of telling me what you think about it, is it bad or is it good, just tell me. This story is written by myself, Valerie, and my dear friend Izabelle... hope you enjoy it :)


6. Chapter 6

A/N: sorry for taking so long, but I was just finishing finals so I had a lot of work... like/favorite this movella and please comment what do you think about it :) dont be afraid...


Harry’s pov:

What the hell did just happened? After the magical kiss I shared with Ava, Mars just came up out of nowhere and started yelling at her. Mars walked away and Ava followed saying she was sorry, but I didn’t know why… I took two towels that were on the on the gray changing rooms of the gym. I dried myself up and sat on the bleachers with my elbows on my knees. I looked up at the spot on the pool where me an Ava were standing just minutes ago. I thought about the kiss, I have missed the sweet taste of her lips, the way her lips fit perfectly with mine like a puzzle piece. What am I doing? This could ruin everything… this makes me want to tell her the truth, but I know I cant…. What if I tell her? How would she react? She would think I’m crazy or something… I could loose her… forever, and I’m not risking myself for that. I cant not loose her again. I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard a thunder coming from outside, That’s when I realized it was raining. Avalon wasn’t back yet. I looked at my watch I saw it was past 6:00pm, it have been an hour since she left… I started getting worried. What if she made a run for it? No, she’s not that kind of person. I got up and went looking for her. Stepped out of the building into the could rain “Ava?” I screamed her name. I heard sobbing not to far away from me. I saw her on her knees in the distance. I ran up to her and got down on my knees next to her. She was crying and screaming “What have I done?” “I’m such a horrible person!!” I held her in my arms trying to comfort her. She cried her heart out on my chest witch was now wet with tears and rain drops. I hate seeing her cry… just the thought of her crying had make me cried before. But I’ve got to be strong for her… I sat her in my lap, her head snuggling on my cheats, my arms protectively around her. I whisper sweet nothings in her ear trying to make her feel better. Slowly her sobbing stopped and she looked at me straight in the eyes. I got lost in her beautiful brown orbs… she gave me a kiss on the cheek and I felt my heart beating faster. There is no words to describe the way she makes me feel…. I took her hair and put it behind her ear, I deepen my head into the crock of her neck and press my lips on the delicate skin of her neck. I kiss gently on her neck up her jaw until I reached he ear “Lets go inside… you’re going to get sick beautiful” I whisper in her ear before picking her up bridal style. We entered the gym and I sat her up on the bleachers and when to find the other towel I had found earlier and rapping her up on it. I held her in my arms for half an hour until I felt her breathing slowing down… she had fallen asleep in my arms. The rain had stopped so I decided to take her to her room. I took her stuff and put it up my shoulders, I took her in my arms and headed to her room. She was still peacefully asleep when we were in front of her door I opened it and entered. I carefully put her in the bed trying no to wake her up… I gave her a last kiss on the forehead and walked out of the room….


Avalon’s pov:

I woke up to find myself on what seems to be a small park. It was desert, not a single soul in that place. Where am I? I thought to my self. I looked everywhere to find at least someone… but no one was there. I have to admit, this place was quite familiar. Not to far from were I was standing, something caught my eye. It was a tree with beautiful pink flowers

“Avalon…” I heard someone call my name from behind me. I turn around to find nothing

“Ava?” the same voice said…

“Avalon… wait for me!!!” this time I heard the voice saying, followed by a girly giggle

“You are never going to get me…” the familiar girly voice said… the voices came from behind the tree. I walked slowly towards it. The closest I get the louder I heard the voices. When I got there I could hear the voices clearly, like if they were just right next to me, but nothing was there.

“Avalon…” said a husky male voice calling my name “… would you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes” the girly voice said. I was shocked to realize that the girl’s voice was…. Me. I saw a figure coming out from behind the tree

“Ava? Is that you?” the person was all blurry… I couldn’t se his face. All I could see was that he was tall. Even taller than me… “Avalon? Why did you leave me like this? I love you so much… do you still remember me?!” the male figure came closer. Every step he took forward was a step I took back. His voice was quite calm, and sweet, but at the same time you could hear a hint of hurt in his voice… “I know deep down in your heart you know me… I know there is still a chance that you remember me…” I don’t know what was all of this about… I was afraid of talking to him, but I managed to do it.

“W-who are y-you? W-where am I?” My voice was shaky. I heard the unknown male sight… I still couldn’t see his face, he was still blurry for me.

“You know me… but you don’t remember… I’m a lost memory in the back of your mind. But I wanna be there, to help you recover those beautiful memories…”

“I don’t understand…”

“You will… sooner or later…. You will!! And when that day comes, everything would be the way it was.” The voice said “And I’ll be there… to help you remember…” that was the last thing I heard before everything went black


I woke up in my room… Everything was a dream!! I could believe it… I looked so real. I felt like something was missing… that dream means something, but I don’t know what it is… I looked around my room to find my bag and my jacket on the chair next to my bed… How did I got here anyways? The thought of the night before came to my mind… the kiss with Harry, the fight I got with Mars for it, her telling she liked Harry, me crying on Harry’s chest. I couldn’t believe it… what have I done? I just lost my best friend… over a guy. I like Harry, a lot, but what I did to Mars was wrong. I should have tell her before… I got up and took and shower, I put some jeans, a white t-shirt and my black converse. I was Saturday, so that means we didn’t have class. I heard a nock on the door and I saw a small envelope sliding under my door. I picked it up to read “AVALON” in all caps at the back of the envelope. I opened it to find a small letter that read ‘Meet me in front of the gym at 2:00 pm, I want to see you…- H. xx’. I looked at my clock to see it was only 10:00 am in the morning. I decided to go to Ashley’s, I really someone to talked with… I walked down the hall, when I came near Mars’s room the door slowly opened and she came out the door. She gave me the evil look and walked pass me bumping her shoulder with mine. I felt a single tear fell down my cheek. She hates me… and that breaks my heart. I found myself in front of Ashley’s door and knocked on it. Seconds later the door opened to see a smiling Ashley at the door..

“Hey… come in…” she said and I walked into the room up to her bed and sitting at the end of it. “Is something wrong?” she said obviously noticing my not-so-good mood

“Just… a lot of shit happening lately…” I said slowly laying down on her bed looking at the ceiling

“Talked to me” she said looking down at me… I hesitated for a moment until I give in and told her everything, Travis’s dead, Harry and I, my problem with Mars… I talked to her like for like an hour about everything that has happened. I was surprised that she listened without interrupting. When I finish telling her everything. She looked at me straight in the eyes… there were a couple of minutes of silence until she broke it…

“And what are you going to do about this?” she said calmly

“I don’t know….” I putted my hands on my face in frustration

“I don’t get something…” she said biting her lip and looking down

“What?” I was now looking at her with confusion

“You told me you knew Harry before you came here?” She raised her eyebrows looking at me

“Well…. I think I know him but I cant seem to remember…”

“Well… what about Mars?”

“That’s the problem…. I cant not stand the fact that she hates me” I looked down she putted her hand on my back “What should I do?”

“Just give her sometime… to both of them…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Mars will get over it at some point… and Harry… I think you need to take it slow with him because you need time to figure out things…” she said…

“I guess your right…” I said looking at her at looked at the clock on Ashley’s night stand to see it was already 2:00 pm “Shit… I’m going to be late….” I stood up, took my bag and gave Ashley a quick hug “I got to go, see you Ash… thank for everything…”

“No problem babe…” she said I quickly got out of the room… I ran as fast as could to the gym. When I got there I saw the curly haired guy sitting on the floor in front of the gym. His back resting on the wall, his knees up to his chest, his curls perfectly falling on his forehead. He was wearing black skinny jean, white converse, and an over sized white t-shirt. You could see the endless tattoos on his arm, and even a hint of the too birds tattooed on his chest. I didn’t know what his tattoos mean, or if they meant something, but I found them incredibly attractive. I ran to him and stood in front of him trying to catch my breath. He looked up at me and his face light up…

“Imp so sorry for being late…” I said still breathless from all the running “I’m so so so so sorry…” he stood up and look at me laughing…

“It’s ok, love” he said laughing again

“I so sorry… I swear I will make it up to you…. I was just talking to Ashley and I los-” I was cut off by a pair of soft lips against mine giving me a small peck. I didn’t noticed my eyes were closed until I opened them…

“I got to shut you up some how. Didn’t I, beautiful?” he said his tick british accent showing more than usual. I felt myself blush and I looked down trying to hide it. He put his hand on my chin making me look back at him again. “I told you it was fine. Plus, you are not that late…” he chuckle “Now lets go, I have a surprise for you…” he took my hand and lead me to the back of the gym…

“Where are we going?” I ask following him. He suddenly stopped making me bump into him. I almost felt to the ground when his strong arms catch me before falling

“Wow, easy there girl…” he made me stood up again “Now now, if this is going to be a surprise, you can not see until we get there…” he said blind folding me. I gasped when I felt his hands on my waist pushing me a little leading the way. His body was close to mine as we walked, his hands still on my waist preventing me from falling, he whisper the directions on my ear, something that was sending shivers down my spine… “We are almost there…” he said. I step on something and almost felt but he catch me before I fell. “Don’t worry, I gotcha…” he whispered, his lips bushing just below my ear… we walked a little further “We are here…” he took my blind fold away reviling a small picnic settle on the woods…

“H-Harry I-I don’t know what to say….” I was speechless “It’s beautiful…” I said smiling at him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I knew you’ve love it…” he smiled at me…

We were having so much fun. Just chatting, eating, and laughing together. It was magical… now we were laying there in silence. Not an awkward silence, just… enjoying each others company. I don’t know how but Mars came up to my mind… what happened last night was still hunting me and I felt sad about it. I quickly thought of what Ashley told me… taking things slow with him, just giving me time to figure things out. She was right, I really do need time… But I like Harry, and I don’t know what to do…

“I like you Ava, a lot…” he said, his gaze still locked on the sky… I didn’t know what to say. Should I tell him? I don’t know how the words came out of my mouth… but they did

“I like you too Harry, A lot…” he was looking at me now, a big smile on his face, showing off his dimples.

Harry’s pov:

“I like you Ava, a lot…” I said disguising the three little words that I knew I couldn’t say… she stayed silent for a moment, I got worried for what she would say next…

“I like you too Harry, A lot…” she said, I looked at her with a big smile on my face. I couldn’t be happier in this moment right now… “I like you a lot… but I would like us to stay friend for now… because I just got out of a relationship, and not in the best way… and I don’t think I’m ready for another one for now” she said and I felt the smile on my face disappeared. Just the thought of her being with someone else made my blood boil. My curiosity picked at the moment and I wanted to know more…

“It’s ok… I totally get it…”I said faking a small smile. There was a small silence before I ask… “Who was he?” her eyes watered for a moment and then I realized the topic touched her. Seriously… If that guy broke her heart, I swear I’m going to find him and beat the crap out him!!!!!! “I’m sorry… it’s ok if you don’t wanna talk about it…”

“No, its fine…” she said before taking a deep breath… “It all started a year ago… I met him at a friends party, you know, an usual love story. We met, we started off as friends, and I don’t remember how, we started dating. Everything was great with him, nothing was wrong, just a normal teenage couple walking around school, nothing different. The love growing bigger everyday… The day of our one year anniversary we when to a small lake not to far away from his house. We were having a good time, everything was perfect… he went to his car to go get something. The time was passing and he didn’t came back… I got worry and went to check on him. When I got there, the car was still parked were we left it but there was no sight of him… his wallet was on the floor. I got even more worried… I called him a hundred times on his phone, but he didn’t answer. Until I decided to call the police… the police came and looked for him everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found. His mother was worried sick, I was worried sick… I didn’t sleep that night just wondering where he was… The next morning I got the news that they had found him dead two miles away from where we were at. I couldn’t believe it…. He was murdered. The case went on and the first suspect was me… my parents actually believe the court. I tried to tell them that I didn’t do it, that I would have never done something like that to the guy I loved, but they didn’t believe me. I was devastated… I was all alone in this. I started receiving notes on my locker calling me ‘murderer’ ‘you deserve to die for what you did’ and stuff like that. Nobody believed me… My parents decided to put me in this prison and here I am…” She finished her story with a single tear streaming down her eye. That was a horrible story… and I blame myself for it. If I wouldn’t have let her all alone, she wouldn’t have gone through all this bullshit. Who would ever believe the fact that she killed her boyfriend?! Who would be able to call the love of my life a murderer?! I rapped her up in my arms letting her sob into my shirt “This is the first time I say this out loud… you’re the first person to know this… so please don’t tell anyone…” she said looking into my eyes…

“I wont, I promise… but just know that I will always be here for you. And I’m willing to fix your broken heart… I mean it…” she smile and she lay down on my chest again. I felt her heartbeat against my chest… her sobs suddenly stopped and we just lay there in silence….

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