Lost In My Memorie

What if you love somebody for so long but they have forgotten you? and when destiny brings you back together would you do anything to get that love back... and make that person remember? That's the story of Harry Styles and Avalon Halemore... After Avalon's boyfriend was murdered she was the first suspect.... her parent put her on a reformed school, where she later meets Harry. She feel like if she knows him, but she cant seem to remember where they have met before. Would Harry be able to keep the secret? or would he risk it all for telling her the truth?...
A/N: This is my first movella so don't be afraid of telling me what you think about it, is it bad or is it good, just tell me. This story is written by myself, Valerie, and my dear friend Izabelle... hope you enjoy it :)


2. Chapter 2

Avalon’s pov:

“EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!!!” Mars screamed standing up in one of the chairs from the cafeteria. There’s about 80 people in this school (is a reformed school, what can I say) and all of them were in this room with their attention on my friend “Party in my room tonight!!! There’s something we need to celebrate!!!” She said looking at me with a big smile on her face. Every body cheered “Now you can continue eating this disgusting lunch” she said getting down of the chair and then sitting on it. I looked at her with a confused look, she just laugh and continue eating her hamburger

“What was that for?”

“We need to celebrate the new student’s arrival” She smiled at me

We finish eating our lunch and quickly walked outside. We sat on a bench, looking at the sky. I quickly broke the silence

“I never knew this place even existed until two months ago…”I said looking around

“None of us had before we got here” she looked at me “Is actually better for us …” she said looking back to the sky

“What do you mean?”

“I mean is better that the world doesn’t know we exist than them knowing and judging us for being in here and whatever we did to get in here…” she said calmly “taking about that… what did you do to get in here anyways?” She asked. I felt myself tensed at the thought of Travis, tears trying to sneak out of my eyes, but they didn’t come out.

“I actually, I don’t wanna talk about it” I looked down at my hands. I felt Mars stearing at me

“It’s ok… I get it…… Bad memories huh?” I nodded slightly. “Well let’s go, we’re going to be late..."


We spend a long evening listening to out History teacher talk about rubbish… don’t judge me, I don’t remember most about what he said. All I heard was blah blahblah blah… but anyways… I walked with Mars up the stairs looking for my bed room. When we found it, we walked in to see a gray room with only a desk, a bed, a night stand, and a door witch was the bathroom. It wasn’t the best thing but… oh well…

My thing were on my bed. Mars walk over to them and started opening the first bag.

“You will unpack later… first we’ll find you something for you to wear to the party… you’ve got to look great for your first impression” she gave me a big smile.

I sat at the end of the bed watching my friend looking into my stuff trying to find something good… She took out some black skinny jeans, a black tank-top, my gray cardigan, and my black high-top converse. I dress and mars curled up my brown hair. I put some makeup on and I look at myself in the mirror

“You look amazing” she said looking at my reflection in the mirror “Now let’s go to my room… there’s a party we need to get started!!!!” she shouted throwing her hands up in the air. I laughed at her silliness and walked out of the room with her…

A couple of hours later everything was set on Mars room and people started arriving. There were multiple types of drinks including sodas and alcohol. How the hell did she got all of that?! I’m not going to ask, is actually none of my business… Music was blasting, people were dancing and a couple of them were drunk. I was surprised by the fact that 80 people fit in Mars’s small room. You could see couples kissing, defiantly drunk, but me… I was dancing like crazy with Ashley. We met in science, she’s my lab partner, she was such a nice girl and one of the only people I knew here, after Mars of course. Talking about Mars… I saw her coming toward us and joining us. I actually couldn’t care less about what was happening in my life at that moment. At this moment I forgot about everything, Travis, my parents, the police… and it actually felt… good. I was just dancing and living the moment until I saw a tall male figure standing on a corner. For some reason the guy brought my attention. I swear I’ve seen him before… but I don’t know where… he had curly brown hair and even in the lack of light you could see his sparkling green eyes.

“Who’s that?” I ask Mars who look at the direction I was looking and I saw her eyes widen. She took my hand and drag me out of the room away from the party. She walk me to a deserted hall “What’s going on?” She suddenly turn around and looked at me in the eyes “ What the hell is going on Mars?!” I was actually getting worried

“Stay away from that guy…”

“What? What do you mean?” she took a deep breath

“Third rule…. Stay away from him, avoid any contact with that guy at all cost”

“But why?”

“He’s dangerous” she said looking into my eyes

“Why is he so dangerous?” I asked certainly annoyed

“You are a little pushy aren’t you?” She crossed her arms

“I asked a question”

“Just stay away from him ok?” She started walking away back into the party. I don’t get it… why should I stay away from that guy? “He’s dangerous” the words echoed in my head… but why is he so dangerous… I need an answer… and I’m gonna get it…

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