Lost In My Memorie

What if you love somebody for so long but they have forgotten you? and when destiny brings you back together would you do anything to get that love back... and make that person remember? That's the story of Harry Styles and Avalon Halemore... After Avalon's boyfriend was murdered she was the first suspect.... her parent put her on a reformed school, where she later meets Harry. She feel like if she knows him, but she cant seem to remember where they have met before. Would Harry be able to keep the secret? or would he risk it all for telling her the truth?...
A/N: This is my first movella so don't be afraid of telling me what you think about it, is it bad or is it good, just tell me. This story is written by myself, Valerie, and my dear friend Izabelle... hope you enjoy it :)


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Avalon’s Pov:

I still can’t believe what happened… After that night my life doesn’t make any sense. I miss him, I miss him a lot. How can people think I would do that to him? I loved him to much… I just lost sight of him for one second and the next morning he’s founded dead 5 miles away from the lake we were at. After that my life have been a complete mess. The police, the FBI, have been coming home ever since. The court think that I may be the responsible for Travis’s dead. I loved him and I would have never done anything to him. My life have changed a lot. My broken heart from losing the love of my life, my parents actually believing I was actually responsible for it, them transferring me to a reformed school… yeah that’s right… a reformed school. They did it because of a court order, plus they think is the best for me… The car parked out of an old big building. It have been a three hour drive from home. I said goodbye to my parents, tears streaming down my eyes. I wasn’t going to see them in a long time. After the emotional moment I shared with my parents, their car drove away, I was froze in the spot watching them drive away. When they were out of sight I felt a cold feeling through my body. I was all alone in this. I took my bags and headed to the entrance. I opened the big red doors to find myself on a big lobby with gray walls. There was two big metal doors on y right and some big wooden stairs on my left. In the middle of the room stood a middle age woman. She had long brown hair tied on a bun, she was wearing a gray pencil skirt, and black long sleeve shirt. She got purple and black glasses and a white welcoming smile.

“Hello…” she said taking two steps towards me “ You most be Avalon Halemore… am I right?” she said pushing her glasses back up and looking straight at me

“Y-yes that’s me” I slowly nodded

“Come this way Miss Halemore…” She said smiling at me turning on her heel and walking into what seems to be and office. “Please take a seat… This is your schedule and your room key, you can leave your bags here we will take care of them… Oh and one more thing… I need you to give me all electronic device you have, including cell phones, iPods, mp3, etc.”

“what about calling my parents?” I asked shocked handing her my phone and iPod witch were the only things I had.

“There’s a telephone on your room, witch it’s use will be controlled… you get to use it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, once each day…” she said giving me the I’m-sorry-look

“ok?” I nodded slightly

“Marisol Coleman, please report to the Principal’s office” she said trough the loud speakers.

Minutes later a girl around my age walk trough the door. She had tanned skin, honey brown eyes and wavy black hair that faded until turning into a bright purple color at the end.

“Am I in trouble… again?” She said almost whispering.

“No, not this time” I watch as, I think her name was Marisol, gave a sight of relieve. “ This is Avalon Halemore, I want you to show her around…” The woman said almost pushing us out the door “ Make her feel at home…. Have a nice stay here Miss Halemore” she shot the door behind us

“Yes like if staying here is nice” Marisol rolled her eyes “Let me present myself… I’m Marisol Rosse Coleman but you can call me Mars” She said with a smile on her face, stretching her hand for me to shake

“I’m Avalon” I said shyly

“ I know” she said spotting the obvious since the principal told her my name seconds ago “Well… follow me Miss Halemore” she said on the principals voice. I giggle for the first time in months. “Well first rule, you’ve got to survive. Be careful with everything, students, teachers, food, security cameras…”

“Security cameras?!” I ask interrupting her

“Yup, they watch us every move. But don’t worry, a lot of them are out of service…” she said with a relax tone like she didn’t even care

“That makes me feel like a prisoner than I already feel” I said looking at the camera that was above of us.

“Well this place is your worst nightmare, school and prison combined together…” She laugh “Well moving on… second rule, stay away from the pasta at lunch…. Taste like shit”

“And the third?” I ask. She looked at me with wide eyes like if she have seen a ghost. She looked everywhere but my eyes

“Um… we’ll leave that one for later…. C’mon, we’re going to be late for first period…” she was acting very weird… “Aren’t you coming?” she said taking my hand and leading me to the big metal door. We walked outside where there were different buildings… “Ok… that building over there is were we take all of our classes” She said pointing to the big gray building on my left “There…” she pointed at the building on my right “Is the library and the cafeteria… and there…” she pointed at the last building witch was far away from were we are, witch was in between of the other two building “…is the gym” the three buildings and the building we were standing in front of, witch is the lobby and the students rooms, made a perfect square. “ C’mon…” she said leading me to the grey build were I was going to be taking my classes from now on…. Well here goes nothing…

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