Lost In My Memorie

What if you love somebody for so long but they have forgotten you? and when destiny brings you back together would you do anything to get that love back... and make that person remember? That's the story of Harry Styles and Avalon Halemore... After Avalon's boyfriend was murdered she was the first suspect.... her parent put her on a reformed school, where she later meets Harry. She feel like if she knows him, but she cant seem to remember where they have met before. Would Harry be able to keep the secret? or would he risk it all for telling her the truth?...
A/N: This is my first movella so don't be afraid of telling me what you think about it, is it bad or is it good, just tell me. This story is written by myself, Valerie, and my dear friend Izabelle... hope you enjoy it :)


7. Author's Note

Author's note:

I'm sorry this is not a chapter but I just wanted to tell you guys that I'll try my best to update as soon as possible. In some cases I will take a little longer since I like making LONG chapters (if you haven't noticed...) so they take a little longer to write. I wanted to thank my co-writer, Izabelle, since she have helped me a lot with the story writing chapter 4 and 5. Also, Izabelle posted this story on Wattpad.... just so you know. We have some good cahpters coming soon... Don't forget to comment what do you think about this story, don't be afraid people, I really know what do you guy think :D     - Valerie xx






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