Maybe Its Love

Maci had the perfect life. A gorgeous boyfriend, popular, perfect family. At least that's what she thought until the summer after senior year, when she met that irish boy with the infectious laugh who would make her see life in new light.


2. is this a dream?


When I woke up I had a massive headache. I was looking around the room curious as to where I was when I spotted Kyle sleeping uncomfortably in a chair next to me. I reached out to tap him and noticed that there were wires attached to my arm. Weird. My hand reached Kyle and he jumped awake as soon as I tapped him. The first thing I told him was that my head really hurts but I was surprised when my voice came out because it sounded dry and low. He quickly jumped out of his chair as soon as I said this and said something about going get Dr. Marks. 'That's strange' ,I thought to myself, 'why would he be going get a doctor?'.

I heard the door open and a doctor came in. She spoke quietly with Kyle for  minute continuing a conversation they had been having in the hall and then they quieted, turning their attention to me. Dr. Marks (I think that's what her name is) came over to me and showed me a small bottle of pills and explained that they were to help with my headaches and that I should take two every time my head started to hurt. She took out two pills and handed them to me she then said she would be in later to check on me.

When she left I asked Kyle to go get me some water so I could take the pills and because my throat was dry. He left and I waited for him to get back. A minute or 2 later I heard the door open and assumed it was Kyle, but I was wrong. I watched as a boy with beautiful blue eyes and perfect blonde hair came running in laughing. I had seen this boy many times on TV, on my computer screen, I even have pictures of him on my wall, but I had never seen him this close before. His laugh was even better in person. It was the kind of laugh that was contagious. It made you want to bust out laughing for no reason at all.

When he noticed I was in the room he stopped laughing and said "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't realized anyone was in here. Would you mind if I hid in here for a few minutes?" To shocked to speak I just lied there staring at his beautiful face and smiling like an idiot. When I gathered my thoughts and realized how stupid I must look I tried to speak, but I couldn't. I wanted to ask him why he was hiding but the words just didn't seem to come out. When I finally managed to speak all that came out was "is this a dream?". Niall just laughed with that amazing laugh and I just wanted to melt. He figured I was curious about what was going on and he explained how him and the rest of the boys were supposed to be visiting patients at the hospital. They arrived early and decided to play hide-and-go-seek while waiting.

Just then the door opened and Kyle walked in with my glass of water. He asked who my visitor was and I said "Kyle this is Niall Horan he is from the famous boy band One Direction. And Niall this is my boyfriend Kyle". They shook hands then Kyle said "One Direction.... that sounds familiar.  .....Thats the boy band you were singing along to and dancing around your living room in that video your mom showed me."  Kyle busted out out laughing and Niall was trying hard not to. All I could do was look down as my face turned pink. (I'm Mexican so my skin is really tan so red doesn't show up on my face that much when I blush.)

The door swung open yet again and in came running the rest of One Direction. I was in heaven. I never thought I would ever be able to meet One Direction. And here they were in my hospital room! (I still never figured out why I was in the hospital but that would have to wait until after I was finished freaking out over 1D being right in front of me). But when I fantasized about this I was always stepping out of a limo looking beautiful in a gorgeous evening gown. Not in a hospital gown looking like crap.

Liam was the first one to speak and he said "Oh, hello sorry we just barged in like that but we needed to find Niall." Louis then turned to Niall and said "The lady at the front desk said they are ready for us to start visiting the patients."

Niall turned to me and said "I have to be going but it was nice meeting you...". "Maci" I said. "Maci, what a lovely name, but we will probably be visiting you later." As they were leaving the rest of the boys called out saying various versions of see you soon.




I didn't like that Niall guy. I mean he was a nice guy, I just didn't like the way he looked at Maci. Of course she looked at him the same way. She had been a huge fan of One Direction since they were on the X Factor and it never bothered me before. That was mostly because I figured she would never actually meet them in person. But now.... he just better no try to make a move. He was practically drooling over her 'Maci, what a beautiful name' I mocked to myself. And right in front of me! After he already knew I was her boyfriend, the nerve!

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