Maybe Its Love

Maci had the perfect life. A gorgeous boyfriend, popular, perfect family. At least that's what she thought until the summer after senior year, when she met that irish boy with the infectious laugh who would make her see life in new light.


1. California here we come!!!

We were about to board the plane when my mom started crying AGAIN. I handed my bags to Kyle and went over to give her another hug, knowing it was the only way to calm her down. When she finally released me from her death grip and I could breathe again I gave my dad a quick hug and kiss goodbye then moved to hug my best friend Ashlyn (she came to the airport to see me off).

I then noticed she was crying for the first time since I told her I was leaving. I rushed to her and enveloped her in a hug similar to the one between me and my mom just moments before. I let her silently cry for a few minutes and then asked her why she was crying all of  sudden. She said "I just realized how much I am going to miss you not being here all the time". I said "I know, I'm going to miss you too and I know it's going to be hard not having your best friend to run to when you feel like having a meltdown or you are having guy problems, but we talked about this. We will both keep our phones on us 24/7 and we will Skype every other day." "Yeah, I know but..... I'm scared that you will meet new, more interesting people that you like more than me and forget all about me." she said with a shy look on her face. I stood there shocked for a moment that she would think I that we would ever stop being best friends. Then I gathered my thoughts and said "That will NEVER happen. Of course I am going o meet new people and make new friends but you will always be my best friend and nothing or no one could ever change that." Before  she could protest I continued "To make you feel better I'm going to fly you to California in two weeks and you can spend the rest of the summer with me. Okay?". I watched her face light up as I was talking and when I finished she quickly said "Okay!".

 Before I had a chance to say anything else I was being dragged off backwards by Kyle, who was complaining about us missing our flight. I quickly shouted goodbye to my parents and Ashlyn and promised to call them as soon as we landed.




After 4 hours we landed in Los Angeles. I slept most of the flight so it wasn't that long for me. Kyle kept making fun of me saying I snored the entire flight. When in reality he woke me up multiple times form his obnoxiously loud snoring, but I let him have his fun and continue claiming I snored the whole flight. I walked outside and started to panic wondering how we would ever get a cab in all of this commotion. That's when Kyle reminded me that we had called ahead and had a cab waiting for us. I began to settle down and we found our taxi and I told him the address of our hotel. We were staying in a hotel during the summer but when school started I would be staying in student dorms and Kyle came down a few week ago and rented an apartment but he wouldn't be able to move in till a week before school started.



When the cab pulled up to our hotel Kyle was in the middle of a conversation with the cab driver. I had no interest in listening to them so I got out and went to the middle of the side walk. I spread my arms out by my side, tilted my head back, and spun around in circles like they do in movies when someone from a small town moves to New York City (but instead I was in Los Angeles, but I still have the from a small town part). The only thing was I wasn't in a movie so I probably just looked an idiot spinning in circles. Also they never mention in movies how dizzy it makes you but next thing I know I was stumbling head first toward the taxi.




I was paying the taxi driver, whose name I learned was Ben, when I heard the loud bang of something hitting the side of the taxi. I hurried up and got out and so did Ben. I saw Maci on the ground next to the cab with her eyes closed though she wasn't unconscious. She was holding her head in her hands. I went to help her up and Ben came over to help as well. We had her standing half way but then Ben noticed the dent in the cab and he dropped her causing her to hit the ground hard again and knocked her unconscious. I helped her up and went to put her back in the taxi with the intention of bringing her to the hospital, but I wasn't able to because Ben was so mad about the dent that he ran to the driver's side and screamed at me that I would be receiving a bill for damages. I stood there with Maci in my arms and my mouth hanging wide open shocked that someone could be so rude. I looked around desperate to find a hospital when I noticed a sign that read emergency room a few buildings down.

After calling a bellhop outside to bring our bags in and up to our room, I carried Maci in the direction of the bright red sign. When I reached the hospital I walked in and placed Maci in an empty chair in the waiting room in the most comfortable position I could. I walked up to the counter and the lady handed me some papers to fill out. I went sit down next to Maci and, while filling out the papers, I whispered to her that she would be seeing a doctor soon to look at her head, but obviously she didn't reply.

After I brought the papers back to the lady at the front desk it only took about 5 minutes before we saw a doctor, because the waiting room was empty except for 2 people who came in after us. I helped Maci out of her chair and through some doors to an empty room and I helped her onto the flat, cushioned table looking thing with a sheet of paper over it.



After Dr. Marks checked her she said that Maci probably just has a concussion, but she wanted to keep her over night to run some tests. We moved Maci into a hospital room and brought an extra pillow and blankets for me to sleep with.


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