My one and only

lauren and Harry wher friends before he became famous.But after 2 and half years of no contact can they just pick up wear they left off? After all shes just a normal girl and hes in one of the biggest boy bands in the world.


6. Chapter 5

Lauren's  P.O.V

"And do you Lauren Victoria Grace Martin take this man to be your husband." I was standing at a wedding altar in a beautful white lace dress that had little christals all over the bodest of the dress a little light blue belt rapped around my waist.I was standing next to a tall guy with  dark brown curly hair.but his back as turnd to me so I couldet se who it was.

I turnd around to see carter running down the alter in his pajamas form the night before

"carter?? what are you doing?"I called out to him.but he Dident stop running.he just  ran and jumped onto my leg.

"Rae wake up"he said as he started shakeing me 

" what do you mean I'm already up." I said as I bent down and placed him on my hip.

then finally the mysterious boy next to  me turned around.and I fianlly got to se who it was.It was Harry.

"your funny love"he grabbed my free hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a gental kiss on it.and when he was done he pulled on it pulling me into his chest.

"Harry what are you doing hear?"
I asked him. but it was as if he didnet hear me.

"Rae come on we gotta go!!!!"he was pulling on the pearl neclance I had on.

"nope shes staying with me" Harry said as he grabbed carter out of my hands and placed him on the ground next to him.

"now a proper kiss" 

and with that Harry cupped his hands around my face and right as his lips wher about to touch mine.carter started screaming at the top of his lungs.

"RAE WAKE UP!!!!!"

I abruptly woke up to carter standing on the edge of my bed pulling at my blankets and screaming.

"CARTER WHAT THE HELL ARE  YOU DOING??"I scremed to him as I turnd around on my bed so my back was faceing him.

"daddy left and told me to tell you that you have to wake up to take me to school"

"well did he say wher he was going? and  I gess your not going  to school because I'm not takeing you" I grabbed my pillow and placed  it over my head as I tried to go back to finish what was probbly one of the best dreams iv ever had.

"Lauren no!!! come on. get up!!" he had somehow climed on my bed,picked the pillow off my head and Layed  down next to me so our faces wher next to each other.
"wake up"he said as he lifted my eye open with his hand.

"OK!!!" I said as I sat up in my bed and ran my hand threw my hair a few times 
"I'm up I'm up" I got of my bed threw my hair in a sloppy pony tail and started waking out the door 

"ill be back" I said to him as I walked into my bathroom.i was brushing my teeth but I couldent get that dream out of my head.i just wanted to sleep just a little longer to se what had happend.but of course with my luck that wasent gonna happen.i finished up in the bathroom and walked out to go down to the kitchen but to my superize carter was still sitting on my bed.

"well aren't you coming??" I asked as I waved my hand out to him.

"oh yeah" he said as he jumped down from my bed and walked down to the kitchen with me. 

"what do you want??" I asked as I picked him up and placed him on the stool by the island.

just then my dog Wes came up to say hi 

"heyy Wes" I said as I started petting his head." wanna go outside? come on" I walked over to the back door and let him out.

"ummmmm chocolate milk and cearl"he said as he pointed to the fridge.when I came back.

"you know you can't have chocolate milk in the morning.normal or orange juice"I said as I grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge.i looked over at him and he had crossed his arms over his chest and had a mad look on his face.

"oh alright fine" I said as I put the juice back and grabbed the milk and chocolate syrup.

"YAY!!!!!! I love you rea" he said as he have me an air hug from the other side of the island. 

"um hum sure you do hear" I placed the chocolate milk in front of him and turned around to grab the ceral from the cabinet."why do you eat the  ceral without  your milk? why dont you like to mix them?" i asked and i pourd  it in a bowl.and placed in to front of him.

" i dont know,it just tasts bwetter ,fanks tho " he said with a mouthful of cearl.

"mhm your welcome,now hurry up I gotta take you to school" I called out to him as I ran upstairs to grab my phone

I took it off the charger and saw that I had 3 missed calles and 2 texts form harry 

"How come your not at school??" Is what the first text said. the next text was just a buch of question marks. I sat on my bed and texted him back.

"Not going today ,talk to you later" I sent the text and called carter up stairs to get him dressed.

"I wanna wear my batman shirt!!!" carter said as he came up the stairs and walkd into his room.

"ok ok let me find it" I said as I walkd into his closet.this boy was only 3 years old and he had a bigger closet then me.wich made no the the fact that he'll grown out of them sooner or later.

"Rea your phones ringing" I looked up from the shirts to se him running towards me with my phone in his hand
"hear"he said as he handed me the phone 

"thanks "I said as I took the pone from him.

I didn't  even look to se who was calling I just answerd the phone.


"what do you mean your not coming today?"Harry questiond me threw the phone 

"oh hey Harry,and I just don't want to deal with people today" I had finally found Carter's shirt and walked out of his closet 

"carter come hear"I called him over so I could get him dressed 

"well what are you gonna do all day?"
he asked .i could tell he was at school becuse I could hear the chit chatting of people and the school bell ringing.

"just stay home and Ugh carter stay still!!!."I was trying to get him dressed and he kept moving.

"Harry I'm gonna call you back" I didnet even wait for him to say Aneything back.i hung up the phone and sat it next to me.

"Carter Elliot I swear if you dont stay still!!"

"sorry sorry ok ok I will"he said as He lifted his hand up so I could put his shirt on.

"who was on the phone rea?"he said as he stepped out of his pants

"my friend" I said as I handed him his pants to put on. 

"what friend?" he asked as he zipped them up 

"my friend Harry"I said as I got up ,grabbed him pajamas and put them in the laundry,then grabbed his hair gell and brush  of his dresser to do his hair

"ohhhh is he your boyfriend?" he asked as he sat on a little stool so I could do his hair.

"no he's not my boyfriend"I said as i started brushing his hair. 

"you sure"

"yes carter I am sure" I rubbed a little hair gell in my hand and rubbed it In his hair.i finished with him and sent him down stairs to put his shoes on. i cleaned up in his room.then i walked down to mine so i could get ready. I put a pair of pink yoga pants and a  old band sweater on to drive him to school. When i herd the door bell ring.i was about to go get it when carter yelled from down stairs that he had opend the door.

"carter no!"I screamd as I ran down stairs to se the front door wide open.and Harry standing behind it 

"hey Lauren."he said as he walked into my house.

"umm hey?"I said as I walked around him to close the door then bent down to talk to carter 

"carter you know not to open the door with out me.go let wes inside then go in the play room ill call you when I'm done ok?"I asked as I started ticking his sthomic 

"ok" he said as he walked around me and stoped infront of Harry

"are you Lauren's boyfriend??"he asked as he crossed his hands over his chest.

"hahaha no no I'm not"Harry replied back to him.

"if you say so" then he walked down the hallway to open the door for Wes the walked to his play room"

"heyy buddy" Harry said as Wes came running to him

"what are you doing hear?" I asked him as I stood in the foyer waiting for him to finish saying hi to the dog. 

"well you said you went coming to school I thought I would keep you company"he said as he started rubbing his tummy.

"no your not.your going need to go school " I said as I started walking up the stairs.

" and you dont? and nope not going ,im just stay with you." he said as he followed me into my room.he had jumped right on my bed and got under my comforter
"yep defiently staying"he said as he snuggled up in my comforter 

"you have to school harry, " I said as I sat at  my vanity and finished my makeup

"I don't have to.i have perfect attendence I highly dought if I miss one day it will be bad"

"Harry no,come on I gotta go take carter and you to school." I finished my make up,slipped my toms on and lifted the comfroter off on him and told him to get up.he eventually got up and followed me down stairs 

"carter lets go!" I called him from the foyer.

"coming coming" he said as he walked out from the playroom with his back back.

"you coming harry?" I asked as I grabbed my car keys from the little hook next to the door.

"yeah sure"he said as he followed carter out the door.

I locked the door to the house  and opend the door of my range rover.i picked up carter and put him in his car seat.i buckled  him in and walked around to the drivers seat,got it and turnd the car on.i pulled out of the driveway when Harry grabbed my phone from out of my lap and started going threw it 

"Harry give me back my phone"I said while I tried to grab the phone from him and foucus on driving

"you don't need it,your driving pay attention  .to the road"he said as he pointed out the whinshield 

I huffed in frustration but I kept driving.after about 10 minitues I fiannly got to Carter's school,I walked around the car to take him out of his car seat

"say bye to harry car"i said once i placed  him on the ground 

"by rea's boyfriend" he said as he waved to Harry from the outside of the car" 

"CARTER!!" I yelled to him.he had already started walking to the door of his preschool I  walked him in and explain to the teachers why he was late and that I would  be picking him up after.we said bye then we ran of to play with his little friends

I walked back outside and got into the car with Harry 

"oh hears your phone back"he said as he handed me my phone.

"well thanks.i said as I unlocked it to se I had some new pictures taken on it.turns out he had taken a few pictures of him and carter and two of me driving.

"oh wow that's nice Harry" I said as I locked my phone and placed it in my lap and pulled out of the parking lot.

"I'm takeing you back to school" I said once we started driving.

"Lauren I told not going!"

"why? why would you wanna spend a whole day with not exactly the funest person to be around"I said 

I'm staying hear with you Becuse I" 
he sounded like he was gonna finish the sentence but he didnet 

"because you what?" I said once we got a stop light 

"nouthing nouthing.but yeah I'm not going"he said as he started messing with his hair

"whatever you hungry lets get something to eat."I said as I did a u turn to go to a bagel shop.

"let the day begin" Harry said as he turnd up the radio and started dancing in his seat.

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