My one and only

lauren and Harry wher friends before he became famous.But after 2 and half years of no contact can they just pick up wear they left off? After all shes just a normal girl and hes in one of the biggest boy bands in the world.


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV.
"bye!!" Lauren screamed out to me as I was walking away.i didnet even bother saying it back.i just waved my hand above my head in acknowledgement and kept walking 

I was headed home from dropping her off at her house after our day out.i always have fun when im with her.we dont even have to be doing aneything,just being next to her was fun.but tonight i didnet want it to end.iv asked her countless times to sleepover.but she always says no.and it's not like we would do Aneything.we would just be two friend hanging out.but tonight I think my hormones wher getting the best of me.i just wanted to be all over her.and I knew it was wrong because I have a girlfriend but I could of cared less I just wanted her.i tried to forget about everything and just have a clear head.i hadent knoticed it but I started mumbling to my self.i walked into my house still mumbling and competly forgetting  it was around 11:45 almost 12 at night.


I was cought of gaured when my mum called my name from the living room.

"yeah mum?" I called as I walked around to the living room.

"Harold!!! its 12:00 at night where have you been? 

"sorry I walked Lauren home and I took the long way back,I didnet realize the time."

"you could of atleast called me huh??"she had one hand crossed  over her chest and ther other hand was waving a finger in my face.

"sorry sorry i wil next time ok?"

"mhm,off to bed with you then"
she pointed down the hallway and I walked to my room.

I got ready for bed,I was almost asleep when I herd my phone start to ring.i looked at the screen to se it was my girlfriend abigale

"hey"I said in a sleepy tone as I answerd the phone 

"ugh harry no dont I'm and at you"I could tell threw her tone that she was upset

"what did I do?" I was really questioning what I have done.she was the one who called 2:30 in the morning 

"don't act stupid styles you know what you did" she was almost screaming at me threw the phone.

"um no I don't you mind explaining it to me and stop yelling or ill hang up"

 I had gotten up from my laying position on my bed so that now I was sitting up straight.i grabbed my Laptop  from under my bed and logged on.i couldent excatly hear what she was saying over all the screaming.

I logged onto twitter to se that Lauren had tweeted.
"Thers no place like home."with a broken heart next to it.

i Dident realize what I was doing but I had gone into her profile and was looking at all the tweets from the past month or so.they wher all sad and meaningfull mad me feel really sad for her.i just wish she was happy.i had almost forgotten that I was on the phone with abigale untill I herd her screaming at the top of her lungs into the phone.

"HARRY I FUCKING SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DONT ANSWER ME!!!!!!" I could hear her voice crack at the end from all the yelling she was doing.

"ABIGAIL LOUISE!!!,I already told you if you yell at me one more time I will hang up the phone got it?"she was really starting to piss me off far as I was concerd I didn't do Aneything.

"then answer me back!! I'm trying to have a conversation with you hear,and it seams as If you could care less." now I was cunfused she sounded like she as gonna start crying.

"abi it's 2:45 in the morning over hear.trying to have a serious conversation with me at this time is not  excatly the best.cant this wait till you get home on Thursday?" 

she was in California  for the week for a modeling thing and I'm gessing she had forgotten about the time zones.

"sure I gess it can sorry,ill let you get back to sleep." I was about tell her bye when I herd a voice in the background saying "come on let's go!!"

"who is that??" I asked as I held the phone between my shoulder and ear as I went from twitter to Facebook.

"Quinn,we have to go out to dinner with the agency.and shes rushing me out the door."she said as I still herd the mumbling in the background

"oh alright then.well bye."I said as I was going to hang up with phone 

"bye? your forgetting something"I swear her tone in voice could change so fast. she could go from being happy to mad to sad and now she sounded mad again.

"what"I asked as I got up from my bed completely and walked to the kitchen to get a snack.

"what do mean what?! Harry seriously you know what I shouldent have to tell you everytime."

"really abi is this about that?.i already told you I don't say it first.never have never will"

"wow that's nice  Harry seriously I haven't seen you in almost 2 weeks  and i wanted to hear your voice and you can't even say it first whatever bye"and with that she hung up the phone.i tried calling her back but she wouldn't answer.

I didnet think much of it.she was already mad at me so I thought I would just let her cool off befor I called her back.i ended up grabbing a glass of milk and walked back to my room .thinking of the one girl I would say it to first.the one girl I did love.Lauren.

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