My one and only

lauren and Harry wher friends before he became famous.But after 2 and half years of no contact can they just pick up wear they left off? After all shes just a normal girl and hes in one of the biggest boy bands in the world.


4. Chapter 3

  I looked up to see him,but it was to dark.the lighting from my front yard wasent quite the best.and all I was able to make out was his eyes.   "Haha your funny Harry" I raised my hand trying to find the latch to reopen the gate,but it was to dark to find it.   "I'm not trying to be" he said in a serious tone that scared me a little bit.he still had his right  hand on the gate keeping it close. but now he had placed his left hand on the small of my back pulling my self into him.   "come on you know the answer" I wiggeld out of his grip and turned around to try to re open the gate but He had grabbed my waist and spun me back around faceing him.   "seriously harry you know what I'm going to say so stop will ya?" I had to clue what had gotten into him.we went from hanging out and having fun to him trying to get all touchy feely with me.   "I know i know, i was just  hopeing you would change your mind" he let go of my waist and the gate and backed away.   I  just stood ther in schok.i was trying to think what on earth had gotten into him    "maybe next time harry"I said as I finally got the gate open.   "next time" he said with a smile as he turned around to start walking away   "bye!!" I scremed out to him,as he was already half way down the street.   he didnet even bother turning around to say it back he just waved his hand above his head and just kept walking   I closed the gate and  just stood ther for a little trying to proccez what had happend.coud he like me? Naa no way he has a girlfriend and wear  just friends.i shoock off the idea as i walked up to my front steps.i took my keys out and unlocked my door as quitelty as possible. as soon as i closed the door my dog Wes started barking and  came up and started jumping on my leg   "wes no shh!!!"  i bent down and petted his head then he walked over to his bed and started chewing on his bone      "Lauren!?"    ugh,my dad was awake.i was hoping he would be asleep.   "hi dad how was your day?" I said as i was walking around to the living room. to se  he was sitting in his recliner reading the newspaper from this morning.   " it is 11:45 at night wear the hell wher you?" he had gotten  up from his chair and threw the news paper down on the floor.   "I was out with Harry,we  went to the pier and then we got  some food sorry"I turned around and tried to go upstairs but he stoped me by continuing to talk   "I already told you Lauren,you need to focus on your grades ,once they are up you can hang out with your friends.and I told you I nedded you home earley to watch Carter."   "oh crap!" I thought in my head as I remberd my dad had asked me to pick up my little brother from daycare    "sorry I forgot,who picked him up?"i said as I took my shoes off and placed them on the side of the steps   "I did of course who else would of done it!,I need you to step up and become more maturer Lauren you can't keep going out with your friend and coming home late at night"   I don't know what it was but I just snapped   "WHAT FRIENDS DAD??? haven't you knoticed I only have 1 friend.Harry's the one I only talk about,the only one I ever hang out with.iv'e been hear 8 monthes and I have only one friend.i'm miserable most of the time but when im with him i actually feel like a normal teenager is that so bad? and as far as my grades are concernd I could care less. if you hadent made me move with you half way threw the school  year maybe I would have straight A's.thanks for ruining my life and making me move to a whole diffident fucking country!!! and I am responsible.for your information I pick up carter everyday sorry for not doing it once,you know maybe it serves you some good to se your own son every once and a while ,scince you work all the god damn time."    i turned around and ran up to my room with my dad Chasing me up the Staires yelling at me.   "Lauren Victoria Grace Martin!! what the hell is your problem!! you really think I forced you to come hear? you came hear because you had no other place to go!its not my fault.what happend to your mom was all her choice.   I hated it when my dad used my full name, my mom just had to give me two middle names and make it so long, but I was already so mad and upset I just didnet feel lke fighting anymore .i locked the door to my room threw my purse in the corner of my room, changed into my pajamas and just climed into bed,   "Lauren open your Door right now!!"    he was yelling at me threw my door but I just put my ear buds in turned on my music and drowned out the sound of him yelling and banging on my door.     I took my headphones off about 2hrs later to find my dad had walked away from my door and had stoped yelling at me.i opend my door and walked into my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. once i was finished i turned the light off and walked out.i wasent paying attation but my little brother was standing in the middle of the hallway and I bumped right Into him.   "CARTER!!! WHAT THE HELL??"   I walked over to him and bent down so I was at his level.   " car you scared me,what are you doing out of bed?"   "I'm not sleepy"he said as he started rubbing his eyes.   "oh yes you are come hear"I picked him up and brought him to my room instead of his.   I sat on my bad and Layed him down next to and I started rubbing his back    "Rae why wher you and daddy yelling?   I hadent even thought that our screaming would wake him up.   "um I was hanging out with my friend and I came home late" I tried to sum up what had happend to my  3 and a half year old brother.i think I did a preaty good job.   "oh why?" he was talking to me with his eyes closed so I knew that he was gonna be asleep in about 10min   "why do you wanna know so much huh?" I asked him as I started laughing    "I sorry"he had now grabbed my blacket and curled up I to a little ball.   I just kept rubbing his back till I thought he was asleep.i picked him up and was walking back to his room to put him to bed when he started talking    "rea why do you cry at night?"   I stoped in the middle of he hallway and just looked at him    "what are you talking about?"I asked him as I started walking again.i got   into his room,turned his night light on and sat in the rocking chair he had from when he was a baby.   "I hear you at night,you cry then fall asleep."he said as he turned around se he was looking at me.   It completely cought me off was true tho.ever scince  we moved hear i've cried my self to sleep almost every night.but I didnet think he could hear me   "I'm just sad that's  all" i told him as I started rocking in the chair   "why?" he said as he curled up next to me    "it's complicated wouldent understand" I got up and went to put him in his bed but he clung to my neck.   "why you cry!?" he had his face right next to mine and looked me dead in the eyes.   "i just miss home"I said as I tried to put him in bed again but be still clung to my neck   "you miss mommy?"he said as he wrapped his little legs around my stohmic and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.   I got scared that one day he was gonna bring up my mom.i was just mad at her.we wher a happy family.untill she  left.   she just left a letter saying how she was tired of dealing with us.and that she wanted to be somewhere wher she was loved and appreciated. I just thought she was being a selfish what women leaves her 15 year old daughter and her 2 year old son alone.she had the perfect family.but I gess it wasent good enough for her.after she left my dad got a court order to have full costody of me and carter.but we do get to talk to her.carter talkes to her on the phone and face times her probbly 2-3 times a week,I  on the otherhand refuse to talk to her.i don't care if she is my mother.after what she did I just have so much hate torwds her.   "yeah I miss go to sleep" I kissed his forhead and placed him in his bed.he quickly crawled up in his blacket and I could tell he was going to fal asleep fast.   I walked out of his room and back into mine.i crawled into my bed and for the 1st time In a while I didnet cry my self to sleep
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