My one and only

lauren and Harry wher friends before he became famous.But after 2 and half years of no contact can they just pick up wear they left off? After all shes just a normal girl and hes in one of the biggest boy bands in the world.


3. Chapter 2

we walked all the way to pier,it was probbly 12 blocks away,but it felt like nothing,me and harry went on an "adveture" as we call them.we wher preaty much acting like little kids. chasing Each other around,jumping over the diffrient color bricks,and making fun of was the highlight of my day.

eventually we got there but we had to wait till the fishermen left before we  could climb  up the ladder and onto the roof of the marina.once we got up ther the view was just breath taking,you could see the sun setting right on the  horizon and the sky was just a beuatful pinkish redish color.we walked over to the edge I front one of the air conditioning units, wear we had some old blankets and pillows set up from when we would spend days and nights up hear.

"this reminds me just like home"I said as I closed my eyes and tried to picture myself back home in California 

"really how?" Harry asked as he sat down on one of the blankets.

"every Friday before I would go out with my friends,I would go surfing..and when ever I was finished I would sit on the top of a sand dune and just watch the sun set,it was like my own personal thing I would always do,my relaxation time".

the beach was my favorite place in the world,it's just so relaxing,if I could i would live right on the beach, and go all day everyday,but my dad said its safer to live off shore,and It's not realistic to live  on the beach unless your a hobo.

"I'm sorry you had to move,I can't even belive how that must feel,moving to a completely different country halfway threw the school year"

i turuned aroud to look at him but he was just staring at the sun set.

"it's hard..very hard" I could feel  the tears starting to well up in my eyes again,

"what is going on today!!" I screamed out as I whipped the tears away,

"are you crying?"he said as he turned to look at me.

"no no I'm fine,just give me a second"
I said as I brought me knees up to my chest and buried my face into them,

"no your not come hear,"he pulled me into his side and I just lost it,

"WHY!! of all things and of all places I had to move to London!!!! I hate it hear,I have no grades suck,I just want to go home,California was my life.everything I ever loved was in Cali.i just want to move back,like what could I have possibly done that was so bad that the world just had to punish me like this!!"

harry just sat ther and let me cry and vent  into his shoulder.after about 15min of me having my breakdown.i finally calmed down enough to talk.

" ok i think im done now im sorry" i said as i pulled away from him, i looked down at his shirt to
se he had Gient wet spots all over it form me crying 

"oh my god look at your shirt I'm sorry" I said as I grabbed one of the blankets and tried to dry up his shirt,

"haha lauren stop it"ll be fine, and sorry? for what,for being sad?,your fine,and you sure your done?" he said as he rubbed his hand over my shoulder trying to console me,

"haha yeah I think I'm fine now"I said as I fixed my hair and make up,
 "good,now come on lets go eat"he said as he stood up,

"ugh harry I really just want to go home"I said as I stood up and put my self together 

"no come on, you know all your gonna do if you go home is cry,and I don't want you doing that,"

He was right,so I decided to just go out instead of going home,We climbed back down the ladder and walked to a little shop that Harry loved,he ordered fish and chips but I just ordered a drink.

"So are you gonna go to Heidi's  party this weekend?"harry asked me after we sat at our table and he took a bite of his food

I almost choked on my drink when he asked me that.Heidi was the schools most popular girls,kinda like how I was back home.her dad works with my dad along with the British prime minister.iv seen her a couple times at banquet dinners for my dads job.but she always given me an attitude whenever I talked to I just came the the conclusion that she's a bitch.and her being a model dosent really help her attitude.

"Haha your funny harry,of course I'm not going,why would you even ask me? and wait you don't even like Heidi."I reached over to his plate and grabbed a handful of chips and started eating them.

"I don't know,maybe because its the end of the year party,and shesknown for throwing legendary party's.come on it'll be fun,and yeah I can't stand the brat,but shes Abigail's best friend and shes going so of course I have to go "he said as he too a sip of his drink.

if he was trying to convince me to go, it wasent gonna work in his favor,I really dident want to go  I could already se it now everyone standing around me having a good time,danceing and drinking, while I sit on the sofa bored and alone,and the fact that his girlfriend Abigail was gonna be ther Dident quite help the situation. lets just say she didnet like the fact that me and Harry wher really close.

"No harry I don't wanna go,anyway I didn't get an invitation  so clearly nobody wants me their"I said as I finished up with my drink,I got up to throw it away.when I swear on my life I herd harry say "I do" under his breath.i Dident think Aneything of it tho,I just walked back to table and checked the time on my se it was 10:45 

"holly crap harry we have to go!!"I said as I grabbed my bag of the Tabble and Swung it over my shoulder,

"wait what why??"he said With a mouthful of food

"it's 10:45 and I have to be home by 11:00 remember!!"

"oh crap I didnet know it was that late,"he grabbed his plate, threw it away and we walked out of the store.

we half ran half walked back to my house to try and make it ther before 11:00 but it was pointless. it was already 11:15 and we still had at least 3blocks to go. 

"ugh I really don't wanna go home."I said as we got closer my house

"you know you dont have to,you can sleepover if you want."Harry said as I was about to open the gate to walk in my front yard

he always had this thing of asking me to sleepover at his house.but we both knew that none of our parents would be ok with it,but he always found a chance to ask me.and we both knew that nouthing was ever gonna happen.we really just wanted to hang out.

"Harry you know I can't,I would love to but I can't,and my dad,your mom and your girlfriend would kill you and me,so no not a good idea.

i hade the gate about halfway open and I was about to walk threw. when out of no wher he grabbed the fence and slammed it startled me so bad I jolted back slamming myself into the now closed gate. harry and taken a few steps forward so no he was a good couple inches away from me

"who said they have to know?"

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