My one and only

lauren and Harry wher friends before he became famous.But after 2 and half years of no contact can they just pick up wear they left off? After all shes just a normal girl and hes in one of the biggest boy bands in the world.


2. Chapter 1

"so wear going to read and analyze these quotes ...."

I was sitting in my English class bored out of my mind.i was just looking out the window picturing  my self back home at my high school wear I knew almost everyone,

i was the head cheerleader,had straight A's,I was preaty much living the perfect life.if anything I just wish I could have my friends back,being the new kid halfway threw the year in a completely diffrient  country isn't exactly the best.i took out my phone out of my bag and set it in my lap,I unlocked it to se I had a text from my best friend charity.

it was a picture of her and my other friends.they wher all in ther dresses for ther junior prom,the caption with the picture was

"wish you wher hear.miss you!-love your girls,Charity-Lilly-faith-jess-and Hanna,

i could feel a tear starting to roll Down my cheek and drop on the screen of my phone,I quickly whipped it away and sent her a text back . 

"aww my girls look beautiful,love and miss you to :)"


I was caught of gaured by my teacher  calling my name out and making everyone in the class turn to look at me 

"um yes?"I asked as I straighted up in my desk.

"which quote do you think explaines something in your life the best"
she asked me,

I looked down at the paper On my desk,and read it real fast so I could answer the question 

ther was a list of about 15-20 quotes on it but the one that stood out the most was one that read 

“The beginning is always today.” 
― Mary Shelley

"um I think the one by Mary Shelley is the one I can most relate to"

"interesting  why do you say that"

I was right about to answer when the bell rang anoucing the end of the school day.

"ok guys you have your English paper due tomorrow dont forget and Lauren can I talk to you?"

everyone got up and walked out of class while I stood up and walked over to my teachers desk,

"yes Ms Harrison" 

"I'm going to give you a few extra days to write your paper,I can tell your not quite used to how we write over hear and I want your mark to be good so it can bring up your grade in hear"

stupid marks,the way the grade over hear Is just something I'm not used to,a 93 over hear equales a C. a 93 back home equaled an A.

"uhn sure thing ill get it done buy Friday" 

I said good bye to my teacher and walked out of my class,finally I get to go home.or what I now have to call my home,I put my books in my locker and grabed my jacket.i went to close it when out of the corner of my eye I saw my only friend to be exact.

"hi harry"
I said as I slipped my jacket on.and looked up at him, he was about a good 3 inches taller then me.he had light green eyes wich wher really beautful when the light hit them the right way,and his hair was just big ball of light brown curls that swiped over to his left,

"hey Ren..why the long face?"he asked as we started walking out of the school 

"just a little home sick" I said as I was looking at the ground

"aww I'm sorry to hear that love"he said as he pulled me in for a hug,

"it's alright it's getting better i just get days like these," I said as I held the tears back,

"you know what we should do?"he said all excitedly   

"what Harry?"
I said in a anoyed time I wasent really in the mood to do Aneything but go home and cry.

"LETS GO THE PIER!!,come on you love going down the pier.and if we get ther fast enough we can watch the sun set,I know that's your favorite part and we can sneak on the roof like always"

he was right,the pier was probbly my favorite part of Eastbourne, east like a little pice of California in London .

"haha alright lets go"

he grabbed my hand and led me all the way to the pier,

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