1 Concert, Life Changed!

Mary Kenny and Melanie Brookfield finally got 1D tickets, and when they arrived at the concert Harry saw them and fell in love. When Harry was singing a part of More than this, he say Melanie and knelt down near the front row and sang to her. Mary wasn't too happy about that, because she loves Harry too. Will Harry get in between there friendship, or will Harry have to choose one of them?


4. I'm in love, but is she?!?!?!

Melanie's P.O.V.


Oh, sorry about screaming like that !But...... you did say that I was you biggest crush EVER!! Am I? - Harry

I need to learn how to shut up!! Do I say 'yes' or keep it to myself and lie? If I say 'yes' I'll live in embarresment, but if I say 'no', I'll live in denial forever and will end up telling him in the end. I'll just tell a little white lie......

Duh!!! - Melanie

I tried to lie..... an failed!

Cool, do you believe in love at first sight? Sorry its a weird question but, do you?!?! - Harry


Yeah, I do, why?!? - Melanie


It's just that, I believe that I just experienced that with a girl I saw standing there waiting for 1D ;) - Harry


O.M.C. (Oh My Carrots) her name is?..... - Melanie


Her names Melanie, she has adorable brunette hair that perfectly falls over her sholder, her brown eyes could make any man die, her smile is the prettiest thing ever, she is the cutest girl ever, shes nice,funny and I think she likes me! The first time I saw her I fell into a trance, she was the definition of perfection!! I think you know her if you do can you tell her something for me - Harry

I think Harry Styles is in love with............ me? O.M.C. he is!! Is he gonna ask me out!! Is he gonna make the first move, o.m.c. I need to reply!!


Sure, go ahead. -  Melanie


Ok, tell her to meet me in outside Nandos so after we can walk around and talk - Harry

She said 'she'll be there' , shes looking forward to it! - Melanie


Harry's P.O.V.

I think I'm inlove with a girl I met once!!.........



I'll update more!! Dont worry! :) My new Instagram name is @steph_grace_directioners02 b.t.w



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