1 Concert, Life Changed!

Mary Kenny and Melanie Brookfield finally got 1D tickets, and when they arrived at the concert Harry saw them and fell in love. When Harry was singing a part of More than this, he say Melanie and knelt down near the front row and sang to her. Mary wasn't too happy about that, because she loves Harry too. Will Harry get in between there friendship, or will Harry have to choose one of them?


3. How could she?

Mary's P.O.V.


I can't believe Melanie! I checked me Twitter and saw that all the 1D boys followed her! She must have kept tweeting 'Follow me please' like 1,0000 times because why would they follow her? Anyway Melanie and I were supposed to babysit my sister Samantha! So, when I arrived at her house, I saw that she had the picture of her and Harry framed in her room! I couldn't stand the look of it, so I layed Samantha's baby stuff infront of it, just so I didn't explode. She was on her laptop talking to Harry and the boys. I promise you, if Samantha wasn't here I would've already be pulling her hair out! Samantha started crying so I brought her down stairs so she could get one of her toys or something,when Melanie's phone vibrated. I looked at her phone and it said, "1 Unread Message", I was about to run upstairs to give it to her when I saw that it was from Harry Styles! I read the message and gasped before texting back, 

Be there in 5!

I know that it was a bit rude to go though her phone but, I had to! It's Harry Styles we're talking about!!! Anyway, I returned to Melanie pretending that nothing ever happened! I know that it was a bit mean and devious to do that to your friend, but it's Harry stinken Styles for One Direction's sake (A/N: Sorry I don't say the Lords name in vain, I just say the next best thing, so instead of saying 'For God's sake' I say 'For One Direction's sake..... any way, carry on with my movella....)

I smiled a fake smile and continued playing with Sammy. 


Melanie's P.O.V.


I knew something was up with Mary because she seemed a bit weird when she came back up to me!........

-The next morning-


woke up the next morning and did what I normally did, get up, have breakfast, take a shower, get dressed and check my Twitter. I looked at my Twitter and Harry Tweeted something really weird? He Tweeted....

Normally, when someone you like doesn't like you in that way, you feel hurt and assamed, even that  feeling doesn't beat the way that I'm feeling now.....

That really surprised me! I had to find out what was wrong, so I texted him...

You seem really sad, what's wrong? - Melanie

You seriously don't know what's wrong? - Harry Styles

I swear, I have no idea! - Melanie

You totally stood me up last night!! - Harry Styles

Pardon?!?!?!?!?!?!? - Melanie

I sent you a message asking you if you wanted to go out yesterday and you texted, Be there in 5, to me! - Harry

I never got the message and I............ MARY!!! - Melanie

This has nothing to do with her! - Harry

No, she must've texted you that message and then never told me, she maybe was angry that you asked me to go out yesterday!! Trust me I would NEVER stand anyone up!! Especially my biggest crush EVER!!!!! - Melanie

Oh, sorry about screaming like that! But....... you did say that I was your biggest crush EVER!! Am I? - Harry.....



Soz about the way that I haven't been updating in a while! I have school, guitar practice, choir and just normal every day life! I'll try and update more over the weekend!! Anyway, Enjoy!

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