1 Concert, Life Changed!

Mary Kenny and Melanie Brookfield finally got 1D tickets, and when they arrived at the concert Harry saw them and fell in love. When Harry was singing a part of More than this, he say Melanie and knelt down near the front row and sang to her. Mary wasn't too happy about that, because she loves Harry too. Will Harry get in between there friendship, or will Harry have to choose one of them?


2. Harry said he loved me!

Melanie's P.O.V.


I can't believe what just happened! Did I just meet Harry Styles then take a picture with him? Oh wait, I did!! Anyway, Mary didn't talk to me until we entered the Arena. I think she was jealous, but why would she be jealous of me? She has beautiful brunett hair and lovely eyes! She has a  very glamorous fashion sense and everyone likes her! I told myself not to mind her and have a great time at the concert instead. I danced along with LWWY, and when I turned to Mary she was holding this huge banner, blocking everyone behind her, that read  'Harry Kiss Me, I'm Legal'! I laughed at it and turned around. By the time LWWY was over she got tired and put it down. When Kiss You came on the screams became louder. When Harry started singing he saw me and knelt down on the stage over looking the front row. After he stood up and winked at me! I turned to Mary and she was giving me the cold shoulder, I turned back to the stage and started dancing. After Last First Kiss came on, Louis started reading out tweets...

"This ones from @Megs_Ken, and she says.." Louis started, "I drove 5 miles to get here and I'm the girl around the back to the Arena that's holding a sign that says, Niall Stole My Heart!" 

"Wait, I think I can see her, yeah I can, Hi Megs!"  Harry shouted waving at the girl, "Okay, this one's from, @Mrs_Melanie_Styles22, and she says, 'I took a picture with Harry earlier today and here it is..." Harry said smiling. They showed the picture of Harry and I. I blushed and Harry blushed too. "I'm in the front row and I really love you Harry Edward Milward Styles!', I love you too Melanie in the front row!" Harry smiled. Now Mary was fuming, she looked like she was about to attack me. They continued singing, so I continued dancing around like a fool. I didn't care, I was enjoying myself not like Mary on the other hand, who was in a slump, wasting the money that she payed to be here. Before I knew it the boys were saying goodbye. I said bye back along with about 10,000 girls not including Mary who was just angry. We went back to my car, the drive home was really awkward! We didn't talk or make any contact. I dropped her home and went back to my house. I went on Twitter to check any new tweets, turns out 5 other people followed me.. IT WAS ZAYN, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS AND HARRY!!! I freaked out and Harry tweeted on my picture of us

@Mrs_Melaine_Styles  Hope you had fun at the concert!

@Harry_Styles  I had the best time EVER!!


Harry Styles followed me, so did Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn..... AHHHHH.... Mary's gonna hate me now..

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