Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


5. the beach

I decided the next day that I would unpack and then go to the beach.i couldn't took me 3 hours to unpack everything and put everything where it goes. I ran to my room and pulled out a black bikini with purple poka dots and then I went to lacy's room to get out her green with yellow poka dot bikini.i put on both of our bathing suits and put a pair of bright green shorts with a yellow tanktop ontop of my bathing suit then I went to lacy's room and put on her yellow pillowcase dress on her. I went into the bathroom and grabbed two towels and I grabbed lacy and walked out the house and to the car to put her into her carseat. once she was in I walked to the front door and locked it. I ran over to the drivers seat and got in and buckled up as I drove to the beach. 

                                                                       1 hour later


I got to the beach and got out and got lacy out of her carseat. we walked along the beach to find the perfect place to set our beach towels down. we finally got to the perfect spot . I layed our beach towels out and took off my clothes that were ontop of my bathing suite along with what lacy had ontop of hers. I grabbed the sun screen and out some on lacy and myself. I sat down and watched lacy play in the sand . I decided that I would suntan for a little while so I put my headphones in and listened to some music.

                                                                            30 minuets later


I woke up and realized I had fllen asleep . I got up and come to find out lacy was missing I looked at the water thinking maybe she went to play in the water. I then saw her with a older boy who looked about the age of 19. i then walked up tp him and said

Isabella: what are you doing with my daughter?

the boy turned around and i relised who he was he was the one and only Justin bieber. i decided it would problly freak him out and also cause attention if i screamed so i dint scream and just awaited for an awenser.

Justin: oh hi u must be the mom I found your daughter playing in the sand all by herself so  figured that I would take her to play in the water while u took a nap.

Isabella: well thank you so much for taking care of her I didn't mean to fall asleep like that

Justin: of course I love kids and I would hate to have something happen to her.

Isabella: alright well I think I am going to leave now so maybe I will see you around later.

Justin: oh well then can I have your number so I will actually have a chance to see you around?

Isabella: sure would u mind walking to my car with me so I can give it to you I don't exactly have anything to wright on or with ?

Justin; ya of course I will carry her if its alright with you.

Isabella: ummm ya sure go ahead.

i started walking to my car with Justin by my side.

Isabella: so how much longer do you have till you go back on tour?

Justin: wait you know who I am I thought you didn't know who I am and to answer your question I just got home yesterday so I should be leaving in two weeks.

Isabella: oh well at least you get some time off and ya of course I know who you are I just didn't say any thing because I didn't want to start any commotion I mean who doesn't know Justin bieber.

Justin ya im glad I get time off and to be honest you are the only one who recognized me today.

Isabella: well here we are

I reach into my car and grab a pen and a napkin and I wright down my number with my name on it.

Justin; oh ya what's your name.

Isabella: ya my names Isabella but most people call me Bella and this little punk is lacy.

Justin: well I love your name and her name as well but I guess I will text you later bye.

i put lacy into her car seat and then get into my car and whisper wow did this just happen.



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