Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


10. night baby

after of an hour of practicing we finally decided that it was time to go to bed I started walking down the hall to my bedroom but Justin picked me up and threw me over his shoulder I started kicking my legs and hitting his back.

Bella: put my dowwwnnn nowwww

Justin: nope you can wait

we finally got to my bedroom and Justin stands in front the bed

Justin: you wanted to get down

Bella: yes please

Justin throws me on the bed and climbs on the bed and starts tickling me I scream and laugh as I'm trying to push him off of me Justin is laughing and I push him off the bed and I look at him and laugh as he just lays on the floor

Justin: Bella help me up

I reach my hand out to help him up and he grabs my hand and pulls me on top of him he just laughs and kisses my cheek

Justin: hahaha got you what you going to do bout it

Bella: I think ill sleep on the couch tonight

Justin: okay

I walk to the couch and lay down and Justin climbs on top of me

Bella: i'm sleeping here myself

Justin: no your not i want my baby

I close my eyes and in seconds i'm in Justin's arms on the way back to my bed I look at Justin and he just smiles and laughs

Justin: now were going to sleep in the bed so we can cuddle and you looked uncomftroble on the couch

Bella: because I was uncomtroble on the couch

Justin places me on the bed and he takes his shirt and pants off I get up and take my shirt off and my pants off and throw on a t-shirt and pajama pants I turn around and Justin is just staring at me I laugh

Bella: well u will see more eventually

Justin: ya well you kind of left me with something big

Bella: sorry baby

Justin: you did this on porpoise your such a tease

Bella: that's my job and no i did not do this on purpose and you know it

lacy comes running into my room screaming and crying

Bella: what's wrong lacy

lacy: I hurt my finger

I put lacy on my bed and Justin looks at her with his lip stuck out and puppy dog eyes

Bella: you will be ok its not broken

lacy: but mommy it really hurts

Justin leans over and grabs lacy's hand and kisses her finger where it hurts

Justin: is that better

lacy: yes thank you Justin

Bella: Justin I will be right back i am going put her to bed

I walk out of the room and i put lacy in her bed

Bella: goodnight sweet dreams don't let the bed bugs bight

lacy: and if they do just smack them with a shoe

I walk out of the room and Justin jumps out of nowhere and scares me

Bella: do you want me to die

Justin: well no of course not

Bella: okay so don't do that

Justin: sorry baby its just you wasn't fast enough

we walk back to my room and I lay in my bed and close my eyes the next thing I realize is that Justin's arms around my waist and he's sleeping I try to move and his grip gets tighter I kiss him and he kisses back he starts talking in his sleep and I laugh

Justin: don't leave me Bella I love you Bella please I want you to carry my baby I want to be the one that marries you I want to grow old with you I want our graves to be next to each other please never leave me I love you forever and always will I love you

I just sit there in shock as a tear rolls down my face and hits Justin's arm I kiss him and tell him goodnight as I close my eyes and fall asleep.


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