Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


8. Meeting kaysie

After kaysie calmed down Justin and I sat on either side of her and she just stared at Justin. Justin smiled at kaysie

kaysie:OMB that's your million dollar smile.

justin just laughed and looked down I looked at justin and asked

isabella: what's wrong

justin:nothing just I want to ask usomething

kaysie: OMB ask her ask her ask her

isabella: kaysie calm down yes justin go ahead you can ask me anything

justin: nevermind don't worry about it

kaysie: u can't just do that Mann I was all looking forward to the question

justin: I'm sorry it's just it wasn't that important so I'm not going to bother you with something that doesn't matter

isabella: it's okay really ask me whatever you want and to be honest I would awnser any thing

all of a sudden lacy comes running from her room

lacy: nanny kaysie nanny kaysie

kaysie: yes baby lacy

lacy: I wuv u

kaysie: I wuv u two

just started laughing and me lacy and kaysie all looked at him like he was crazy

lacy: what u laughing at

justin: oh I thought it was adorable how you said wuv

 music started playing from Justin's pocket

Justin: excuse me I have to take this

justin get up from where he was seated and walks into the kitchen

justin: hello...... Yes ..... I'm at a friends house..... Yes mom it's a girl ..... Yes I'll make sure to wear a condom...... Mom ur embarrassing..... I'm sorry that I scared you...... She's 18...... Yes..... She has one I love u too......I have to go..... Momm....please......ok love you two yes you'll meet her.....u two.....bye

isabella: who was that

kaysie: are you retarded that was pattie Justin's mom it's a no brainer

justin: ya that was my mom she wanted to know where I was and who I was with

isabella: well she is just doing her job

kaysie: she better do her job she better protect u I don't want anyone to hurt you

Isabella: ya I would want to know where my kid was and who they were hanging out with

Justin: ya I guess your right

Justin looks down and looks sad

Isabella: Justin is something wrong

Justin: ya

Isabella: well would you like to go to my room and talk about it

Justin: yes please

I walk to my room with Justin fallowing slowly behind I wait fo him to get in the room then close the door I sit on my bed

Justin: okay so I kinda wish we are more then just friends

Isabella: ya Justin I would love us to be more then friends but I don't know how the fans would take it

Justin: well I don't care what the fans think about you and neither should you please Isabella would u be my girlfriend

Isabella: yes of course

then kaysie and lacy come barging into the room shouting

kaysie: I am so happy for you two I think im going to leave so you two can have some alone time and if it's okay with you I would like to take lacy

Isabella: ya sure youcan take her just please watch her and lacy behave for nanny

lacyand kaysie walk out of the house and kaysie puts her in her car and drives away Justin picks me up and carries me back inside as ke pecks my lips with a kiss I wrap my legs around Justin and he sits on the couch with my legs on either side of him

Justin: baby

Isabella: yes Justin

Justin: I love you

Isabella: I love you two




A/N so they are officially a couple yay I will update towmrrow  its getting late and Im getting lazy who else watches big brother let me know also let me know what you all think for this chapter and if I should countine I am starting to doubt if this is anny good let me know if you think I can countine love you all jella forever <3




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