Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


9. Mall

After we went pick lacy up from kaysie's house we went to the mall. Justin had to wear a black hoodie and sunglasses to make sure no body recognized him. First we went to journeys  and then to footlocker of course justin wanted new shoes. Then we went to justice for lacy and she wanted everything. Once we finished picking out clothes at justice we walked to the checkout line and she rang up all of the items and it turned out to be 150.00 I pulled out my credit card to pay but justin quickly snatched it out of my hand and put it in his pocket.

justin: I will pay for everything today

isabella: justin I can't let you do that

justin: oh well it's to late 

lacy: thank you juju 

justin: ur welcome my little angel 

after justice we headed over to canes for lunch. We went sit down and Justin's hood fell off and girls started screaming. 

Belieber 1: omg it's justin bieber

belieber 2: who is that whore he's with 

belieber 1: I don't know but doesn't she just look trashy

justin: execuse me but this is Isabella my girlfriend and her daughter lacy so if u wanna be as bitch about it then ur not true believers and I don't care what you think just don't mess with me or her.

isabella: thanks

justin: no problem for my princesses 

we finished eating and we left and went back to shopping I took justin into jcpenneys and I bought a purple dress and a pair of black high heels. Justin looked at me and laughed 

justin: really purple are you on to something 

isabella: maybe 

justin: okay mommys gonna get it tonight 

isabella: that's what u think

i looked back at justin and smiled as I walked away. Then I felt hands around my waist and I laughed and turned around he kissed me and I pulled away. 

Justin: okay that's enought shopping for one day 

isabella: we can go home and cuddle

justin: YESSS

isabella: okay calm down 

we paid for the clothes and then walked out of the mall. We got to the car and justin put lacy in her seat. I jumped in the drivers seat until justin grabbed me and brought me to the other side.

justin: I'm driving

isabella: fine then 

i got in the car then I put my seat all the way back so I was laying down. I looked at justin and everyone and awhile I would catch him looking at me. Justin looked at my face and smiled. 

Isabella: what are you looking at

justin: just the most beautiful person in the world

lacy: you told me I was the most beautiful 

justin: fine it's a tie 

lacy: yay 

somewhere in the conversation I fell asleep and I woke up in my bed with justin next to me watching tv. I rolled over 

justin: well good after noon sleeping beAuty

isabella: ya whatever 

justin: ohh someone woke up on The wrong side of the bed

isabella: I did not 

Justin leaned over and kissed me 

justin: that's how I will get you to shut up 

isabella: I love u 

justin: luv you two 

isabella: do you want to watch a movie

justin: sure 

i got up and put in a random movie. I went into the kitchen to get popcorn and pickles. I handed one of each to justin and he laughed

justin: really pickles 

isabella: ya really I'm a sucker for pickles

justin: so what movie are we watching

bella: umm well appear entry were watching pitch perfect 

justin: YESS I love that movie 

bella: oh really now

justin: yes can u do the cup song

bella: no can you

justin: of course I know the cup song if you want after the movie I can teach you how to do it

bella: ok sure 

we watched put h perfect and justin couldn't stop laughing. After the movie was over we went into the kitchen a mad we practiced the cup song all night after about 30 minuets of justin showing me how to do it I finally got it. 

A/N sorry if its short a prommised one every day from now on so that's exactly what I'm going to do I am thinking about cutting it shorter then planned and I was thinking about coming out with a new movella just it's not going to be a book it's going to be a imagine stories comment if you would like one leave your name and what u would like to happen or you can leave it up to me it's ur choice 

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