Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


1. Isabella

Hi my names Isabella I am a normal girl.i am from Texas and I love justin bieber. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I weigh 110 pounds and I have 1 kid. I am currently not in school and I am trying to move to Georgia. My best friend's name is kacey she has brown hair and green eyes. We have been best friends since kindergarten. My daughters name is Lacey and she is the most adourablest thing I have ever met. She has long red hair and she has hazel eyes. She is only 2 so she is really small. I also love to party. My other best friend is a boy named chad he is awesome we love to just hang out . He is actually the father of my kid. It kinda happened not on pour pose I mean we went to a party and we got drunk went upstairs and you know the rest. Ever since then we have been closer then ever before. I have 3 dogs named: Bella Sammy and Rocko they are all boxers. My daughter loves to get on them and ride them like horses. My mom and dad died when I was little. They died in a car crash. I remember the night my grandmas who had been watching me got a call saying that my parents had been killed. I was so sad but at the time I didn't understand . The police then came to my grandmas saying that they would have to put me up for adoption because she was to old to take care of me. I cried and cried I was so scared and so sad to see my grandmaw be taken away from me.i spent years and years in the adoption center. Untill one day at the age of 6 I got adopted I moved in with my new family only to find out that they also had another child. The only thing diffrence between him and I was that he was a boy. I had never loved with a boy before . When I turned 18 I moved to Texas all by myself and that where I am today and I can't wait to live the rest of my life 

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