Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


2. chapter 2

I left Texas on a Friday it took us forever to get to tennese that where we rested for the night so I guess I will have to stay in a hotel. I didn't get Tennessee till midnight so I decided to just go straight to the hotel. the hotel was beautiful except my daughter was cranky the whole time. I went get the room and they said all they had left was the gran suite. I didn't feel like driving so I decided to just go ahead and book the room for one night. My plan was to just leave in the morning. The next moarning when I left we drove all the way to Atlanta. We got there and I went and checked us into the next hotel we had to stay In. I decided I would stay the whole weekend. around lunch I decided I would go walk around to get famililiar with my surroundings. I started walking down the road and I  found a starbucks so I went end to order a vanilla capichino. As I was walking down the street I saw a house that was for sale. it just so happened that they were having an open house I walked into the house and my jaw dropped it was amazing. 

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