Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


11. birthday

.early this morning I went to lacys favorite place to eat and ordered a tray of beignets. Justin was still asleep when I left. when I got home I walked in and Justin was on the couch watching tv. when he saw me he stood up and walked overto me and hugged and kissed me. I went to the kitchen and I put a candle in three of the beignets. I placed them on the table and then I went to lacys room with Justin close behind. I shook lacy softly and she looked up and me and Justin screamed happy birthday. she looked shocked at first then she smiled and stood on the bed and gave each of us a hug. we all walked into the living room and lacy took off into the kitchen saying im hungry. once she saw what was on the table she screamed.

lacy: thank you mommy and daddy

Justin: did you just call me daddy

lacy: yep your the best dad ever

I went to one of the drawers and pulled out a lighter I lit all three candles and we sang happy birthday. the doorbell rang and Justin ran to go awnser it.

Justin: bella the waterslide man is here

I ran to the door and handed him the money as we walked out to go bring the waterslide into the back yard. we unrolled it and we blew it up and connected the water. I walk back inside there is lacy in her bathing suit smilling from ear to ear.

Justin: whose ready to go slide

lacy: I am of course

bella: and me cant forget the fun and beautiful mom

Justin: well if bellas going then I have to go in I guess

I walked outside and turned on the radio. me and Justin went back inside to change. I pulled on my purple bikini and Justin put on his black swim truncks.

Justin: don't you look all sexy little mamma

I hit him softly

bella: shut up im not that pretty

lacy runs in our room and grabs each of our hands I tell Justin to bring her outside I have to get something. I run to the closet and grab five presents I go outside and place them on the table that Justin had set up last night. I walk back inside and theres a knock at the door. I .walk to the front door and open the front door its kaysie and her kids.

bella: come on in

kaysie: wheres the birthday girl

bella: im sure shes going down the slide with Justin now

mpre people start to show up and I lead them outside I sit down and open up a bottle of beer and take a sip. Justin comes up to me and pulls me up and sits down. I sit on his lap and he takes the bottle from my hand and takes a sip.

Justin: thanks hot stuff

bella: shut up we have company

the door rings and Justin gets up to awnser it. ten minets later he walks out with him mom sister and brother. Justin introduces me to pattie and to jasmine and jax.

bella: hi im Isabella but please do call me bella

pattie: hi im pattie Justin hasn't stopped talking about you and now I see why

bella: thank you and thank you for coming it means the world to me and lacy speaking of wich lacyyyy come see.

;acy gets off of the slide and runs over to me and Justin picks her up.

bella: lacy this is justins mom pattie

lacy: hi nice to meet you thank you for coming to my party

Justin: and lacy this is my younger brother and sister jasmine and jax.

lacy: hi

Justin: they don't talk much there very shy

bella: why don't you go show them the water slide

lacy takes of running Justin sits back down and I sit on his lap Justin places his lips on mine and I press back I pull away and look up at pattie

pattie: well he must like you if he lets you sit on his lap

bella: pattie would you like a drink


pattie: oh no thank you im fine

Justin: I want to go back on the waterslide but I don't want to leave you

bella then don't I will come with you

after a whole day of partying and waterslideing it was time for everyone to go home but somewhere along the linr lacy asked me if justins brother and sister could spend the night so if course I had to say yes

bella: lacy you will sleep with us tonight so jasmine and jax can have your bed

lacy: okay mommy

after that everyone went take a shower and went straight to bed Justin was sad because lacy snuggled with me but then he felt better when lacy let Justin snuggle with her. I kissed each of them goodnight

bella: goodnight love you sweet dreams

Justin: goodnight love you two and sweet dreams


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