Summer to die for

Isabella a small time girl from Texas moves to Atlanta Georgia to meet the one and only justin bieber. Will they become friends or will they be something more read on to find out about Justin and Isabella


4. back to texas

before I left for Texas I stopped at a gas station to refill my car on gas I walked into the store and I went to the drink coolers I grabbed me a monster and walked to the check out line. I put my stuff on the counter gave the woman the money . I picked up my stuff after I paid her and walked to the car to put gas in it. while I was driving I passed a Wal-Mart and I decided to pull over to get extra boxes to pack my stuff in. after I went to walmart I drove all the way to Texas. I went straight to my house to pack. I went upstairs and relised I would need help so I called my brothers and my dad to help me carry out the heavier stuff that I could not carry. by the time they all got there I was already packing the boxes and just had to load everything up into the U-Haul. when we finished loading everything up I said good bye to my family. I decided I didn't feel like driving so I got tickets on an airplane. I went to the airport and boarded my flight. on the way back to Atlanta I watched tons of movies and I listend to the one and only Justin drew bieber. Once we landed I boarded off and went to my new house . when I arrived the U-Haul was waiting for me in the driveway. I told them thank you for helping me and we started to unload. I brought all of the boxes into the living room and once we were finished I paid the movers and closed the door I walked into my room and laid down in my bed and drifted to sleep.



A/N sorry its been a while since I updated school just let out and I was also in Disney for the past three weeks thank you for reading my story and I will update more soon I just updated because it has been forever and I thought it would be the perfect time to update :) :) :p      

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