Mermaids don't wear converse


2. Wow

Matt jumped into our secret pool. Ever since we were little kid we had this spot to get away from everything and everyone. Bubbles rose around my brother, trapping him. His long green tail appeared. "Come on it's your turn." He said. I jumped in to the icy cold water. The same thing happened to me. My tail is red and black. I dove into the water, with my powers I'm able to see underwater. This is amazing. "Nevaeh get your fishy butt out of the water so we can go get fro-yo." Matt screamed. That boy need to be more quiet. Wait, did he just say fro-yo? I LOVE fro-yo. I pulled myself out of the water. And dried myself using a towel trick my brother taught me. Tomorrow I'm going to Mandy house in Cali.

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