It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


52. Whats going on!?

Kaylas pov

We were still downstairs in the basketball court. We have no clue what's going on or who is in the house. It's really creepy!! "Gu-ys wha-t if l- l ucy is is baacckk",I was panicking now.They all shook their heads "No"."She is still in prison...for sure so don't worry!",Louis said reasurring me.I don't know what to do now beacuse were basically trapped in here.It was scary."I'll go see whats going on!",Zayn said bravley.""NO PLEASE ZAYN NO"Emily cried into his back.MY heart broke for her.He whispered something in her ear and he kissed her.She broke down in tears on the floor as he walked out the door.I comforted her and gave her a hug.We waited about 20 minutes in silence and i was getting kind of worried!?


"Uh Kayla can you come downstairs please?", asked unsure.Everyone looked at him confused including me.We walked out the door and he whispered."It's someone called Alan?",he asked me if i knew him.I felt my face turn pale and my eyes bulge through my head.I stormed up the stairs to see him with his elbow on the table standing in a slanted postion.He smiled when he saw me."HOW DARE YOU COME HERE !!YOU HAVE SOME NERVE WITH ALL YOU DONE TO ME!!WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK TO ALL THE OTHER GIRLS YOU HAVE BEEN SNEAKING AROUND WITH WHILE I WAS AWAY AT SCHOOL!!HOW MANY WAS THERE?5?6? OH I DON'T KNOW I'VE LOST COUNT HAVNET' I!!",I screamed at the top of my lungs and i slapped him on the cheek.He ran towards me but zayn blocked him.Everyone had come up now to see whats going on and if we were ok.I looked over at Abby."Alan",she whispered in shock."Who?",Louis asked confused."My sick bastard EX boyfriend",i said clearly cringing at the word.Abby came up beside me."How dare you?",she whispered still in shock."Get out",she said simply.I saw Alan walk towards her."And what are you going to do?make me?",he let out a loud laugh.I saw Harry looking very uneasy as he walked up and held Abbys hand."You heard her..get out!",Harry said shouting at him.Harry grabbed a knife from the drawer.I felt my eyes bulge and my face turn pale.He wouldn't.....would he?I saw Alan walk defeated backwards towards the door."I'll be back for you Kayla and that baby should be mine...i've been watching you",he winked and left.I ran upstairs and got sick.I burst out crying and i felt Harry give me a hug.

It should be Niall here with me.He should be here caring and protecting me/us our baby from danger...but he's not.Thinking of this made me sob more.He doesn't know whats wrong either!"Ill call the guards",Liam shouted from downstairs.It is going to viral .Papparazzi will be everywhere and asking questions.Niall will find out and get worried.It's a huge mess!!Why would Alan come back...he hardly thought i would take him back ..did he?Yahaira came up and took Harrys place while he went down to Abby.She comforted me until i fell asleed. I want my with should be him.I fell asleep thinking of Niall and how he is going to react when he finds out.He will come straight back and i don't want him to worry.I just want it to be all over and us to be two normal human beings.But we all know that's never going to happen.He will always be Niall Horan,the pop hunk from the biggest band in the world.


Hey guys i had this chapter done and then i deleted it by mistake :(!!Sorry that it's bad and short i will do better ones i promisEE :):)LOve u All<3<3


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