It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


20. UGH

Abbys POV

I woke up in Harrys arms and remembered today was the day we went on out "Search".i looked at the clock it has 8:30.I got up and went into get dressed.I decided on a pair of navy tracksuits and a pink hoodie because its not a fashion show were going to !!I heard Harry get up too so i left the bathroom and went to my room.Harry came over and gave me a kiss."Good morning babe,all set?"he asked me while giving me a hug.I nodded and we both went downstairs.Kayla and Liam were up and eating cereal."Hey kay,u alright?",i asked while sitting down beside her.She smiled at me and nidded her head."You know you don't have to come if you don't wanna!",i asked just to make sure."Thanks Abs but i'll be fine",she sighed.Everyone else came down within the next 10 minutes and ate breakfast.It was 10:15 and we were all shitting it!!


I wasn't fine i was terrified,but i knew i had to do this.I wasn't going to let them do it by themselves i'd just feel selfish.Paul arrived and we all hopped into the van.This was going to be "fun" i thought."Ok i have my tracking device and it says to go about 50 miles west ,so that what were going to do,ok",he said while keeping his eyes on the road.It became 50 miles and it told us to keep going straight.We were now in a forest.What the fuck was going on?I was starting to get really scared so Niall pulled me closer and fiddled with my hair.I was starting to cry now.It was like one of those horror movies when your telling them to stop and don't go any further.And like them we didn't listen. Niall held my hand as we walked.Louis and Liam were beside me and kept resurring me it was going to be ok. I felt like and idiot now.We stopped and i looked up.There was a wooden cabin.Paul told us we should all split up."Im not leaving Kayla to go around here by herself im going with her!!",Niall whispered.Harry done the same with  Abby.Thank god.I don't know what i'd do if anything happened to her!!Me and Niall walked right of the cabin for about 15 minutes until we heard rustling in the bush beside us.I whimpered and put my head in Nialls chest.Suddenly someone put their hand over my mouth and i looked over at Niall we were both being dragged into the cabin.Shit.All i felt was us being pushed into a dark room and tied to the wall."Well Well Well,you came!",a girls voice rung through y ears."And you brought your belovid too!,how sweet!",she said before slamming the door and walking down the hall.I managed to free my mouth from the tie ,Niall did the same."Omg Kayla i should have known better to bring you here now look what i got us into ",i saw tears in his eyes."No No Niall i could of stayed at home but i didn,t ,this sisnt your falut!!",all we need to do is figure out a way to get out of here!",i whispered.I can't believe this is happening.The door burst open and i saw the girl,well i couldn't see her face but i saw her figure.And she was holding a---whip?I started to cry and i saw out of the corner of my eyes Niall hsd his hands free from the ropes.He was signaling for me to do something.And i knew exactley what he was gonna do!!I saw he walk over to Niall and start kissing his face.Anger burned within me.He got his hands and pushed her over.She was shocked."Oh Niall ,Babbyy,you know u want me not her",she flirted.I was raging.He started to untie his legs.She waked over to me."Niall i'm sure you would never like to see heer get hur would you?",she whispered while standing closer to me."NO OF COURSE NOT WHAT SORT OF ASS HOLE ARE YOU",HE SCREMED.She got her whip and whacked it on his thigh."NO leave him alone,please i'll do anything please!!",i cried.It hurt me to see him in pain.She turned on the lights.I have seen that face before i know i have."Lucy",Niall whispered.Oh my god it was Harrys ex!!!!!!!!!!! Niall got his legs untied and took a run at her.She was too quick and slashed the whip against his ribs.He fell down in pain."NOoooooooo pleave him Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!",i screamed.I don't know what came over me but i quickly untied my ropes and ran up to her had kicked her stomache.She fell down in pain and started coughing up blood."Fuck you bitch!",i shouted in her face.I ran over to Niall and saw blood seeping through his shirt."Fuck Niall !",i siad as i put pressure on his wound."I'm impressed ",he smirked.I saw lucy get up of the floor and push me out of the way.She pressed her lips to Nialls. Jealousy spread quick.I ran at her but she pushed me away .Niall managed to crawl a bit away from her.I grabbed her whip and took one hit against her back.She cried out in pain.I told myself i would never hurt anyone.This was different.I saw flashing blue lights .Finally i thought.Niall smiled at me.The police came rushing in and arresting Lucy ,this wont be this end of her...she will come back...she is pure trouble i thought.All the boys came over and hugged me while the paramedics were over with Niall.I had a few scars but i was fine.Ugh this will be interesting!!

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