It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


50. Trusting you

Kaylas pov


He was leaving soon and the last conversation we had was a fight!!It was then i saw him run towards me.


"Kayla!!I love you and always will! I am delighted i want to spend the rest of my life with you and we are having a baby together!You should trust me with all you heart but i can't trust you because you stole it from me but Princess you gotta believe me i will be back in 3 days i just need time please!!...please.....just...just let me love you?.I took a moment to take all this in.I knew he really meant it ...i could feel it.He must feel horrible,all i have been doing is pushing him away when he is loving me with all his heart.I just needed for him to tell me that.I smiled and put my arms around him."I know...i'm sorry i should of trusted you more then this.Can you forgive me?",I said from the bottom of my heart.He nodded his head and kissed me.We stayed together just looking at the stars while all our thoughts were pulling together.



We walked hand in hand back into the other who were sitting befuddled on the couch silently staring at eachother .Their gazes all turned to us as we sat down beside them."I'm sorry about earlier i just.......was a little confused and needed that little bit of time",i said awkwardly while Niall filled them in on everything."So....your pregnant?",Yahaira asked to make sure.We nodded and smiled."Wow!",Harry smiled while Zayn came up and congratulated and so did Liam."Sorry about earlier...but i just--",Liam said awkwardly but i gave him the "It's ok i understand look".He sighed in relif and went over to sit back with Yahaira .Zayn wen and kissed Emily while Elenour and Louis were sitting awkwardly between us.Louis was beside me sitting weirdly."Kiss her!",i whispered into his ears.He looked at me confused until i pointed at her.He gave me a worried look until he shrugged is shoulders and kissed her.I smiled as she cuddled into him.I should get a job as a match maker!!"Crap iv'e to catch my bus!!",Niall shouted.My heart sunk but i replayed what Niall said in my head

I will be back in 3 days i just need time please!!

He looked at me and kissed me.He quickly said bye to the others and he was gone in seconds.Abby hugged me reasusringly while i went upstairs.Its been a long day i need to rest.I put in my headphones and turned on "Back for you" this should help!! 

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