It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


19. The weeks and pauly


It has been 3 weeks since Abby got the text and since Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. Nobody really talked about the text because i think they knew we didn't really want to talk about it and that it would stress us out. Niall still wont let me out of his sight thought because he has heard movement around the beach .We freaked out a little!!The lads are so nice.We have  become best of friends and they are so chilled,all they want to do is crack a few jokes and have fun!I think its what we all need at the moment too. Niall and me have bonded really well over the last couple of weeks.He really gets me and i can see in his eyes he really loves me and i really love him.We haven't really done anything over the weeks either.We usually stay at the house or go down to the beach.The boys have had to go to interviews and photoshoots so me and Abby went with them.We went out for dinner a couple of times but nothing major.Last week we went to nandos.I will say that turned out interesting because...well we got caught by papparazi!!They were shouting at us and asking questions.It was actually very frightening.Well anyway we got over that!!Today is the intresting day...

********************************Present time***************************************

"Abby ,Kayla come down here *someone*here to see youuuuuuu",Harry screamed up the stairs with his mouth full of food.Charmer.Me and Abby were in my room painting our nails as we looked up really cool designs on YouTube. We looked at eachother  and hopped of the chair.we ran down the stairs and relif and the confusion went."Paul",we sighed.I was actually getting pretty nervous.Louis came in and jumped on his pack."Paulyyyy",Louis chirped"Haha hey lou",Paul laughed back.He said hello to the other lads before we all sat down at the table.This will be interesting i thought."Ok well,i have some news",he said..Shit what.He looked at me and must of saw my face turn instantly white because,"Its ok love its not bad",he nodded at me.I could see relif wash over everyones face."We have a location and and can now track this phone down.The problem is we don't have a name..",he said while looking down."Oh well that's great really isn't it like we don't need a name we?",i said quickly.Everyone nodded."I was hoping you would say that actually",he laughed.We all smiled. Niall came over and kissed me.he hgged me from the back and whispered "Everything is ok now love".No Niall ..... its not.I sighed and faked a smile.Paul stayed and ate dinner with us.We had a bbq and we drank beer and champagne out beside the pool.It was a great night ,but i don't get why people are celebrating when we still need to find the fucking person yet!!"So Paul when do start our search",Zayn asked."I'm not sure if ye should come guys,i mean i don't want anything to happen to you",paul looked around at us."Were coming one way or another <-------(hahah) ",Harry said while hugging Abby and kissing her head.We all nodded and he smiled."We start tomorrow,you all up for it?",he sighed.We all nodded and smiled sad and nervous smiles."Alrighty  then ill be here 10am sharp,be up and ready!",he called while leaving in his car.We looked at eachother and you could tell we were all nervous!We all went up to bad and i slep in with Niall and Abby did the same with Harry.Niall kept tickling me so we didn't get to sleep until about 1:00am!!Tomorrow will be a long day!!------------------------------------------------------------------

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