It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


21. The station and hospital

Kayls pov

"Omg that bitch,i thought i got rid of her!",Harry sighed frustrated.The paramedics were still with Niall so i walked over to them.I was shaking and was still very fragile but Niall semed in pain."I-is h..e ok",i stuttered.I was afriad to hear the awnser."His rib cage has been damaged and there is leather stuck in his nerve and is causing extreme pain.He will need an operation ",she said to me. Niall looked up at me with tears in his eyes .You could see how much pain he was in.I walked around to him and sat down beside him.I held his hand and hugged his neck as i don't think he would thanks me for hugging him fully!!The paramedics put him on a strecher and into the ambulance.I tried to step in with him but they stopped me "He is my boyfriend!!",i shouted at them."I'm sorry miss you can't travel ,no one is aloud!",he sighed frustrated.I broke down i tears.I needed to be with him.A police man came over and pulled me back."Would you be able to make an official statement of what happened Ms Carey",he said politley.I looked over at Abby and she nodded at me with sad eyes."Take care of her will you?", Liam said while kissing me on the head i gave louis,Harry a hug and kiss and did the same with Abby and Zayn. I didn't want to do this,but i knew i had to!I hopped into the the car and he started driving."Will the hospital keep you informed on how Niall is",i asked the police man with my voice shaky."Yes love we will be informed and i will drive you there when we are finished",he replied.I smiled at him and looked out the window.My back still hurt from being pushed against the wall but  didn't want to tell anyone because Niall was in a worse state.


When we got to the station the guard guided me down to a room.It was completley white with stone walls.A man came in with a recorder and set it in front of me on the table.I was getting freaked out."Ok Ms Carey , are you ready to tell me everything that happened ",he said politley.I nodded.He turned on the recorder and i spoke."Me and My friend Abby were at a one direction concert about 3-4 weeks ago and we met Niall and the boys.We bonded quickly and he asked me to be his boyfriend. a bit later.Just before he asked me,me and Abby went shopping in coolpart shopping centre. Abby got a text.It said to stay away from Harry and Niall or we'll regret it-",i was intrupted."Do you have the text?",he asked."Uh  yea Abby sent in to me the day after",i replied.I handed him the phone and he looked and nodded.I carried on."We got scared and told the boys. Niall rang Paul their manager and body guard  and asked him to track down the phone.""Does he have a tracking licence?",he asked.I nodded and carried on."Yesterday he got the results.We set off and went searching and we split up.I went with Niall. We got far enough until someone came out of the bush and grabbed us.She threw us into the room ,tied us up and closed the door.I was starting to cry now.She came back in but we managed to untie ourselves.She went over tho Niall and started kissing him .He pushed her away ,and she came over to me .Niall shouted at her and she whipped him told him about everything else that happened in the room and he let me go.He thanked me and the other police man drove me to the hospital.He walked in with me and told the nurse who i'm here for.I thanked him and went with the lady.She guided me to a waiting room where Harry,Zayn,Liam,Louis and Abby were.They all came up and gave me a hug."How are you",Zayn and Abby asked."Pretty shook",i sighed.I sat down between Louis and Abby and we waited in silence.Abby hugged me and messed with my hair until the Nuse came in and told us we could see him.We all walked in and took a seat .I sat on the chair beside the bed and held his hand.He was still unconscious.The nurse said he'd wake up when he feels like it.It was all my fault.If i had never come into his life none on this would of happened!!I was angry at myself over something that Niall would not allow me to think. Liam had called Nialls mum while he was in surgery and she just walked in the door.She shook hands with everyone.She seemed a bit teary eyed."So you must be the famous Kayla",she smiled and shook my hand.I smiled back and she went over to Niall.This isn't how i imagined meeting Nialls mum.I sighed.She kissed his head and sat on the chair beside me.The boys would come over now and again and sing him a song.Maura *Nialls mum* held my hand and chatted to me for awhile.She seemed very nice and had a good sense of humour even at a time like this.It was getting late so the boys and Abby went home.Maura went with them and is staying for awhile.They tried to get me to go home too but i wouldn't take it.I wanted to be here when he wakes up.I went over to the couch and fell asleep instantly.It was a long and dramatic day and there were more of them to come.

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