It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


29. The Puppy


I couldn't think of a name last night so they told me to sleep on it.We put the dog in its kennel in the hall and he didn't even bark once!I hopped out of bed and ran down to him he was up and trying to get out.I opened the cage and he jumped on me and started licking my face.i picked him up and brought him into the kitchen and fed him some of the nuts that were in his Kennel when Niall brought him in.HE WAS A SAVAGE.I went into the living room and put him on my lap and watched TV. Niall came down  about 15 minutes later and joined us on the couch."You like him then?",he smiled."YES,Thanks you so much for everything!!",i said while snuggling with him. Liam came rushing down the stairs and took the dog.I laughed at him as he played fetch with him."I'm bringing him for a wallllllk",Liam shouted while opening the door.Harry was next to come and join us in the living room."So did you think of a nameee?",he smiled."Yeah,i was thinking Coco or Loki?",i asked.He smiled."Good choice!".Liam came back in with the dog abot 20 minutes and we all ate pancakes that Abby made us!

"So what you going to do with the dog while were on tour?",Zayn questioned.I frowned."Well i was th--",i didn't get to finish."We bring him",Niall smiled."WOOHOO ",Liam cheered and everyone laughed.We finished eating and Zayn said "Hey girls Emily said she would like to get to know ye better,Abby,kayla and Yahaira so she was wondering would ye like to go shopping today?",He finished with a smile."Sure tell her in about 20 minutes!!.Me and Abby ran upstairs and had a shower.I put on Some blue skinny jeans with a white sparkly top with Hollister Hoodie. We ran downstairs and saw Yahaira and Emily talking.We walked over an shook their hands and hopped into the car.We talked and laughed on the way and they seemed really nice girls so i think we would get on well.We were in the shopping center for about 2 hours and we were getting hungry so we went to the cafè there.Yahaira instisted she would buy us a coffee and we eventually agreed.I got a BLT and a Coffee.We just sat around telling jokes it was really fun.It was about 4 o clock when we decided to leave so we hopped back in the car.On our way home ewe spotted a fun fair........"OMG WE HAVE TO GO IN THERE",Abby and Emily squeeled. We agreed and went in.We went on a treetop rolarcoaster first and we were all terified .We did a few high ones and then we saw the bumper cars!!We got our ticket and took a car.It was then we noticed Harry,Niall,Liam,Zayn and Louis coming with disguises on and hopping in.They saw us and gave us the your going down stare.We went around driving into eachother until Zayn came up behind me and i went flying.We all burst out laughing and got out.It turned out to be all of us and it was much more fun with the lads.A few girls came over and asked for pictures but not many,I gues the disguises worked!!We went on a few more rides and it was closing soon so we went home.It was about 7 o clock when we got home so Harry voluntered to make burgers!!We agreed and i went to let the dog out ,I still have to decide a name so i will just call him "Dog"for now.I fed him and he went over to his bed while we were eating.I really loved him!!We put in a movie and got popcorn and chocolate. Liam chose the movie so we all knew it was..............TOY STORY!!!! It was alot of fun and we became great friends with the girls too!!They are very excited for the tour .I have a feeling we will be seeing alot of them over the next year!!The boys really seemed to like them too.We went a little bit beyond a "Movie"and beer got involved and music and we took it down to the beach.We had a little sing song and the boys said we had REALLY good voices..... i know they are lieing!!We laughed and chatted and we brought "Dog"down too and he just ran aroud and into the water .I haven't had a good night like this in ages.At about 3 'o clock we went up and the girls stayed the night.No way were they going home after all that !!I think i passed out on the couch so Niall lifted me up the stairs.His back had improved alot since the "Accident".I still have nightmares but i never told anyone that because they will just worry....we aren't as confident as we used to be but were getting used to it!!Niall hopped in beside me and we fell asleep instantley. Only 2 days until the tour!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


What you think of that chapter?And comment below on what you want the dog to m called!!Either Loki or Coco?!?! thanks !!!!

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