It started off as 2 girls getting backstage passes to one direction!What happens when they forget their passes and their future grows from this one day?Read and find out :)


8. The next day.

--------Niall pov--------

  I had an amazing time last night . Kayla is really beautiful!I won't be able to catch up with her today because we have a load of interviews. Harry's a little disappointed too,but hey thats our job .


I woke up and instantley remembered last night.Ah it was perfect.I  ran into the spare bedroom and saw Abby sprawled out on the bed.Haha i looked at her for a minuet, she was so peacefull.I instantley jumped on the  bed and the blanket on the floor.She jumped up screaming and i swear i thought she was gonna have a heart attack."WHAT THE FUCK KAYLA",she screamed. Omg that was the funniest thing i've ever seen,i think im gonna die laughing!!"Were going shoooopiiiiiinggg".i screamed,a bit loud for that matter.I wouldn't be surprised if someone called the guards,it sounds like someone is being murdered up here!"Ya well you could of just came in and asked me to get up you bitch",she giggled."Ya but that was so much more entertaining",we both fell on the bed laughing.

I went into my room and picked out a pain or red skinny jeans with a knitted see through jumper and a neon pink cami.I decided for the bright look today,as i had an amazing time last night i want to look happy!!I went downstairs and grabbed my phone,purse and money.Kayla came running down wearing a pair of white skinny jeans and a pink cardigan.We went to pennys,a wear and river island.I  checked my phone to see if i had any messages.Nope.Abby must of saw my reaction."Its ok i didn't get any either ,their probobly just busy !They are the biggest boyband eva!",she laughed. We went to get ice-cream.I have to say that would cheer anyone up,i nearly forgot about Niall until i had 1 new text.



SUBJECT:im sorry

Hey babe just to tell ya ive loads of interviews today so i cant meet up with you :(Maybe tomorrow?xx

i felt kinda relieved when i got the text because i thought he just didn't bother to call or text me but i was wrong.They had their reasons.Just then Abbys phone beeped. Its Harry i thought to myself.I watched as she read the text.Her whole face went pale..SHIT whats wrong."Uh Abby u ok?",i said aware.She showed me the text. FUCK WHO IS IT.





Ye better fuck of away from harry and Niall.They are ours!And if you don't.....lets just say ye will regret it ?

oh crap

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you so much for reading this it means alot!!

sorry for the short chapter !! what do you think?

--twitter  @rois_mcl

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